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June 4, 2010

Colin Montgomerie


Q. Two 70s, you must be pleased?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Very pleased, yes indeed, very happy, I got on to the leaderboard for a first time in a long, long time. 3-under, I just dropped one at 16, unfortunately. That's a difficult hole for me, 240 to go for my second shot. Playing with Alvaro Quiros is a different ballgame, but never mind. Yeah, he's a character and I'm glad he made the cut.
But two 70s is okay. 2-under, the scoring is much much higher today. This is proving the test that we wanted it to play. I think people are excited about playing the course. They enjoy playing the course. I played with two potential clients here in Oliver Wilson and Alvaro Quiros, and they both enjoyed playing the course and the shots that have to be hit, so very, very good. The course is won the first to days, definitely, 4-under and second place. This is in perfect, perfect conditions. So the course has won the first two days here.

Q. Weather is as good as it was at the Year To Go.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: The Year to Go Celebration was by definition a year ago, and it was ideal. It was 20 degrees, and it was a fantastic day. We just pray and hope that we have the Indian summer again this particular year, and we have weather even something similar to this would be fantastic.

Q. How tough would it be if you get bad weather here?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: It will be extremely tough. We'll have to be very careful with the tee positions. I know it's match play so it doesn't really matter, but at the same time you want people to reach the greens and reach the fairways and what-have-you, so a very difficult test of golf. You have to be careful where the pin placements are located. They are very difficult out here and on the edges of every green, so it's difficult.

Q. Paul Lawrie took an 11 out of one of the swales.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I heard that. Thank God I was told that after I played the hole and not before it. He was going very well, as well, I believe. He was 5-under for the day and he took 11. This is the thing, he'll be calling me tonight, no doubt, but at the same time, you know.
And I saw Martin Kaymer there ahead of me on the third after that, put two in the water in front of him. So it was a very difficult day today and I think the cut will go up to probably plus three, which is one of our highest cuts of the year.

Q. How difficult it of a day was it for you?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Well, I said everything I have to say. I made a statement in the papers this morning and I made a statement about that. The crowd were very supportive and everyone has been very supportive. It's up to Gaynor and I to work things out and continue, and we are doing, and we look forward to welcoming everybody here in Wales in October with a win.

Q. Does it have any impact on your captaincy at all?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Not at all. Not at all. Not in one bit. Not at all.

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