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June 4, 2010

Thomas Bjorn


Q. Thomas, 137 for two rounds, I imagine that makes you very happy. Tell us about it?
THOMAS BJÖRN: Yeah, it's been two nice days. I came in here after six missed cuts in a row, not feeling I've been playing that badly, but just not really putting any scores together.
And I just said to myself coming into this week: Just try and build scores instead of forcing it a little bit. I've possible been forcing it too much because I've been wanting it too much.
So I just decided to build a score yesterday, and especially today, didn't play particularly well earlier on but I hit it into the right places and just built a score again.
And in the end, I felt like I played pretty decent, and you know, all of a sudden you get those numbers in, and certainly on a difficult golf course, leave the big mistakes out of the round and take the few chances you get.
All in all I'm very pleased with where I am.

Q. Talking about a different attitude, but was there a sense it was going to be a better week in practise rounds?
THOMAS BJÖRN: I had a nice week off last week. When you've played a lot like I have this year and you keep missing cuts, sometimes you've just got to go home and relax a bit and get your head straight, because as I said before, I don't feel like I've played that badly.
But when you don't get results, it becomes very frustrating, so I was quite pleased when I came in here. I felt like I did some good work earlier in the week and felt like I've been driving the ball particularly well this week and that certainly helps on a difficult golf course.
I feel like I can go into the weekend feeling comfortable with what I'm doing, but, you know, it's been a long time since I've been in this situation.

Q. It's often said that winners like yourself never forget how to win; how true is that for you?
THOMAS BJÖRN: There's times when you go through rough spells and you start doubting whether you'll ever get in these situations and that's what you just have to put your head down and grind it out and try and be a bit tougher with everything. And I've done that, so now I'm just going to go and try and enjoy the weekend and enjoy playing a bit of golf where it's a bit more fun to play the way I've been playing of late. I'm going to go and try and enjoy it, but once you get in there, you never know.

Q. How much were you doubting this time?
THOMAS BJÖRN: Never really that much a doubt. You think; I always think about my game and I always think about what I'm doing. I never really believed that I wouldn't get back to playing well. But it's just frustrating, and sometimes you've just got to get away and start thinking a little bit about what you're doing.
As I sit here, I've been feeling pretty decent with my golf, and just not got anything out of it. You go through spells like that, but every week I've gone home this year, I've felt like, well, you're not playing that bad, so you've just got to keep going and eventually it will turn around.

Q. Still think you can make The Ryder Cup Team?
THOMAS BJÖRN: Because you've played two decent rounds of golf, you don't become a Ryder Cup player overnight like that. I've played in a couple of Ryder Cups and I know my best is good enough to be there but that's not even on my mind. I just want to play some golf and enjoy what I'm doing.
At the moment, I'm nowhere near good enough to be amongst the best players in Europe, and I know that, so I need to build a lot on stuff like this and get some confidence.
If I get my confidence up, well, I know I can play with the best.

Q. Monty was three groups ahead of you; did you have a chance to speak to Monty before he went out?
THOMAS BJÖRN: I haven't seen him at all. I feel like that's a private thing for Monty to comment on. It's nothing to do with me or the rest of the players out here. It's for him to deal with.

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