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June 4, 2010

Justin Rose


Q. That last hole had to feel pretty good.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, sure did. I mean, we were right in between clubs, and I knew that, if I went with a 7 iron, which was the aggressive club, I knew that I would really bring that backstop into play.
Although I wasn't trying to pitch it exactly where I did, it was nice to see it land past the flag. Once I did, I knew it was going to come back close.

Q. Only two guys in double digits now.
JUSTIN ROSE: This afternoon was tough. I was probably more pleased with today's 3 under than yesterday's 7 under. Yesterday was benign. I played well. There wasn't any real challenges to the round.
Today there were a lot of challenges out there. Every shot was a grind. Really happy to get in at 3 under today.

Q. Was that because of you or because of the course?
JUSTIN ROSE: A little bit of both. I didn't hit it as good today, but certainly the golf course wasn't quite as accessible. There was quite a swirling wind on the back nine. Picking clubs is really difficult, and then committing to them was obviously the challenge.
For the most part, when I didn't make a mistake, I generally had a nicer short game shot. I had the opportunity to make a few more putts coming down the stretch.
Also, it's windy and the greens are quick, it's sometimes tough to get the putts online too.

Q. Any reason why you think there's so many guys at the top of the leaderboard in their 20s this tournament? Yourself included, for a while anyways.
JUSTIN ROSE: That's the way that golf is going. You know, the Tour, you know, more and more young players coming through. But young players who are ready to compete, ready to challenge week in, week out.
So that's it really.

Q. That's good.

Q. Don't get to sleep in.
JUSTIN ROSE: We don't get to sleep in, no.

Q. Threesomes starting at 8:30, sorry.
JUSTIN ROSE: Sure, I hear you. But little baby boy in the house is never a great opportunity to sleep in anyway. What can you do? It will suit me.

Q. You've been saying for a while that you felt like you were on the cusp of doing something. What's different now? You had a -- it was tenth at the BMW, I think? And so you showed little flashes of surging.
JUSTIN ROSE: There's been flashes. There's been a lot of consistent golf this year and a lot of golf that's been a lot better than my results have shown.
Deep down I've known there's been some good stuff coming. But probably of late, I've just been really trying -- I think, for a period of time, I knew I was playing well. Therefore, I was expecting to play well. I was wanting to play well. I feel just a little bit more out of my own way at the moment and just a little bit more patient maybe.
We've all heard that before, you know what I mean?

Q. When did you switch to Sean? How long has it been now?
JUSTIN ROSE: It's been coming up on a year. AT&T Washington was when we did our first week's worth.

Q. Any changes there at all?
JUSTIN ROSE: There were some big changes, yeah. A lot of changes. We have done it very gradually. I think the good thing is I'm going to be working on the same themes for another year or so. It's beginning to feel a little more natural.
Like today when there's a little bit more heat on the shot, I can feel the old moves coming back in. It's not 100 percent my own yet. I think anything with change, it's just repetition, repetition, repetition before you 100 percent own it.

Q. When you came out today and saw the score of Rickie posted, what was going through your mind?
JUSTIN ROSE: In some ways I knew that wasn't really an option for me today. I knew the course was going to play tough this afternoon. In some ways, I knew my challenge today was going to be a little bit different to almost keep myself in the tournament and not get too far behind.
Again, I was not letting -- wasn't getting too result-oriented. Trying to focus one shot at a time.
Like I said, I'm really happy to walk off three back today. I think that was a good result given the conditions.

Q. Happy to beat the lightning we've just hit?
JUSTIN ROSE: Not happy, but I'm happy I'm done. It's been a tough week for everybody. So it's hard work, you know what I mean. In and out, in and out, warming up. Makes your days long. At least I get the chance to go and rest up before the early start tomorrow morning.

Q. You anticipate tomorrow being -- probably going to be some delays, they're saying.
JUSTIN ROSE: Is that right? Is it a tough day again?

Q. All day.
JUSTIN ROSE: We've got to be prepared for it. Obviously, if you can handle it better than the other guys, that's an opportunity to try and get an edge in the field. Not let it frustrate you.
But at the same time, if we do get out there early, and it could be calm in the morning before the storms roll in, could be a good opportunity to take advantage of it.

Q. Can you talk about playing with Rickie tomorrow? Do you know much about his game? Have you seen him play? Do you know him at all really?
JUSTIN ROSE: I know he's a cool guy. I've chatted with him here and there. I've never played with him. I've seen the way he plays, pretty fearless. Going to enjoy it. Someone I can feed off of tomorrow. Go out and have some fun and see what happens.

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