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June 3, 2010

Rajon Rondo


Boston Celtics 89
Los Angeles Lakers 102

Q. What was the defense like that slowed you guys down and took you out of the offense or limited your scoring tonight?
RAJON RONDO: I don't think we had a lot of fast-break points. They did a great job getting back on the fast break. And it seemed like every time down we took the ball out the net.

Q. Talk about how important Game 2 is going to be for you guys, and how you guys have responded when your backs have been pushed against the wall.
RAJON RONDO: Obviously Game 2 is very important for us. Try to come out here and get the split now. We don't want to go back home down 0-2 and giving them the opportunity to try to sneak one of their games in Boston and then come back here with two games to close out. We definitely want to try to get the split and go back home with three games to get back in the series.

Q. Could you talk about the Laker defense closing out on your penetration? It seemed like at times there was a lot of help and other times you had a lane to the basket but decided to dish it out instead of challenging them. Give me a feel for what you saw out there.
RAJON RONDO: They did a good job of collapsing when I did get a chance to get inside the paint. They're very long, Gasol and Bynum. Fish is very clever. He took a charge at me one time. They did a great job mixing it up. I've got to sometimes attack, make the refs call the call, and other times just get it out to our shooters.

Q. In your opinion how much difference Ron Artest makes for the Lakers comparing 2008 and right now?
RAJON RONDO: I don't know. He's more of a physical guy at the three. He's more physical than Ariza, but Ariza usually shoots those threes, as well, and Artest made some threes tonight. Other than that he hurt us behind the three-point line, but other than that, they're almost similar but they both play good defense.
But Artest I think is a better guard for Paul maybe.

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