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June 3, 2010

Duncan Keith


JAMEY HORAN: Questions for Duncan?

Q. Duncan, can you just talk about how important it is to tighten up the special teams?
DUNCAN KEITH: Yeah, I think last night was a close game, and looking back on the game, a big part of it was special teams. I think they scored a couple of goals on the power-play. I think they got a couple, anyway. And we had our chances. We didn't capitalize.
I think moving forward here, definitely we want to improve on our power-play. I think our penalty kill has been good for the most part. Sometimes, you know, just tightening it up here and there.
But I think moving forward here, that's definitely something that next game we want to concentrate on being better at.

Q. Duncan, I think people a lot of players were talking about last night, the overtime goal was in part because there was a line change. Talk about exactly what happened and how often that does happen in key moments of a game like that.
DUNCAN KEITH: Well, it shouldn't happen. But, you know, I think -- I'm not really sure what happened or why there was a change there. Sometimes whether it's matchups, or guys are tired or, you know, I think we just need to be a little bit smarter when we're changing, whether it's defensemen or forwards, and that might have helped out on that play.
I don't know, at the same time, they made a nice play. I think their D joined the rush there and really created it all.

Q. Duncan, just the GM's from around the League were in town, and Dale Tallon was here. What did it mean to the younger players in that team and how happy are you guys that he landed another job in the NHL?
DUNCAN KEITH: It's great for Dale. I remember, personally, when I was drafted by Chicago, I remember he was the guy doing all the interviewing. I'm not exactly sure what his title was at the time, but I got the feeling that he really pushed for them to draft me. I could tell that he was pushing for them to pick me.
I'm thankful for him for that. And a lot of guys have stories like that where he's behind the players and he really cares for his players and believes in them. That's the type of guy he is. It's great to see him being able to get that opportunity with Florida. I wish him all the best.

Q. Back to the special teams, do you find they usually go in cycles maybe down in time --
DUNCAN KEITH: I can't hear you.

Q. The special teams, does it almost feel like those go in cycles even though they're both down at one point it's a trend maybe they'll both go back up again. Do you feel fortunate that you have the Series lead, even though they have dominated on both special teams?
DUNCAN KEITH: Yeah, I mean, special teams sometimes it can go in slumps and you can get real hot. A lot of times sometimes it's just a bounce here and there and a lucky bounce or you're doing the right things, you're getting chances, you're not scoring. Other times you're not doing much and you get a goal.
So that's the kind of hockey for you sometimes. Having said that, there's no question we can -- we feel we can be better at special teams. Whether it's penalty killing or power-play, just moving forward, I think next game, we definitely want to -- when we get those opportunities, try to capitalize on them.

Q. Duncan, the last two games at least the Flyers it seemed like in the third period a lot more aggressive, a lot more chances. Why is that? And how important is it for you guys to play better in the third as the Series moves on?
DUNCAN KEITH: It's huge. I just think it comes down to us moving our feet and using our speed and -- for whatever reason, I don't know why, but I just think that we're capable of -- we've played good third periods all year long.
I think, as a team we have a lot of confidence in ourselves and in our ability in the next game and going forward that we want to -- that's something we're going to focus on, is finishing strong. I thought we had a good start to last game. Unfortunately, our finish wasn't as good as our start.
JAMEY HORAN: Thank you, Duncan.

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