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June 3, 2010

Chris Pronger


JAMEY HORAN: Questions for Chris.

Q. Chris, the penalty kill over the last two Series for you guys, you've gotten 27 out of 28. Is there a couple of things that you've done differently that's made it that much better than it was say in the season?
CHRIS PRONGER: Than in the season?

Q. Than in the regular season?
CHRIS PRONGER: I guess practice makes perfect. We certainly had a lot of practice at it. That first Series, I don't know, seven or eight power-plays a game for New Jersey. We did a pretty good job.
Obviously, discipline and the system, obviously the rules and all the rest of that, we wanted to get better with each round and we've been able to do that. We're not allowing as many power-plays as we did earlier in the Playoffs. That's a good thing. You need to do that at this time.

Q. Are you guys consciously trying to wear down Kane? He is a smaller player. And how much of an education as a veteran player are you giving these younger Hawks in terms of handling a situation like this?
CHRIS PRONGER: Well, I think we all know that Playoffs are a battle of attrition and war, and with each game you try to wear on them and grind on them more and force them into situations they are unaccustomed to.

Q. Describe the demeanor of Coach Laviolette on the bench and in the locker room. Has this team taken on his type of persona, what he brings?
CHRIS PRONGER: Well, I think he does an excellent job of keeping everybody focused on the task at hand, and that's the next game. We don't look too far down the line. We don't look at possible outcome, Game 5, Game 6, Game 7. We worry about what's ahead of us, and that's Game 4 now. Much like yesterday we were worried about Game 3.
We just keep our eye on the day at hand, what we need to do to be successful and stay as focused on our system and the structures he has put in place.

Q. There was a lot of build up coming into this Series about you against Byfuglien. Through three games, it would appear that you've got the edge, and what are the biggest challenges to facing him, and do you sense that maybe he is getting a bit frustrated?
CHRIS PRONGER: I don't know. I think you just got to continue denying the easy access to the front of the net and make him work for every inch out there. You can ask him.

Q. Why grow a playoff beard?

Q. I mean you have grown them before, right?
CHRIS PRONGER: I grew it once. It didn't work out.

Q. You seem to be viewed as a villain in Chicago. Do you enjoy that roll?
CHRIS PRONGER: Sure. It's an old hat now. It is what it is. I think we all understand the game is there for good entertainment. People are paying a lot of money to see a good game. If they want to love to hate somebody, then so be it.

Q. There are some parallels between your Playoff run and Chicago's Playoff run. (Indiscernible) Is there something about Game 4 that you learned in Montreal that you can take to prevent them from getting through?
CHRIS PRONGER: I think we need to continue to build on what we have done on the previous three games. We need to continue to et better defensively. There are a still a few areas that we can tighten up. We can get more traffic in front of their goalie and allow him not to see a lot of the shots that we've been taking.

Q. You are now down 2-1. Can you talk about the confidence and belief level in the locker room, and how much of that has come from the win over Boston?
CHRIS PRONGER: I think coming back from that Series was huge for our confidence, but even before that we all believed we have a good team. It is just a matter of going out and playing to that high level and our own expectations each and every night and not worrying about anybody else out of locker room and what they are saying. The 23, 25 guys in our room need to believe and we all seem to do.

Q. How come you didn't pick up the puck last night?
CHRIS PRONGER: You mean steal it?

Q. Yes.
CHRIS PRONGER: I heard the term "steal" a couple of times the other day. I don't know, do you have the rule book? I didn't know the winning team was allowed to keep the puck. Is that a rule? Can you look in the rule book for me?

Q. One of your guys picked it up. How come you didn't pick it up? Was it decided in advance?
CHRIS PRONGER: No, it wasn't in front of me like the other one was. I don't know if you know this, but I picked up Game 1 too. You didn't notice that, did you?
JAMEY HORAN: Thanks, Chris.

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