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June 3, 2010

Geoff Ogilvy


LAURY LIVSEY: We'd like to welcome Geoff Ogilvy into the media center, into the interview room, after a 7-under, 65. Let's have some comments about your round today.
GEOFF OGILVY: Yeah, obviously, I played very well. The course is for the taking, I guess, today. Perfect greens, a little bit receptive. Not too much breeze.
So it was nice to hole tee putts. I think, if anything's been missing in my game the last little month or two, it's been poor putting. So it's nice to hole a few. Yeah, good round.
It was quite enjoyable.
LAURY LIVSEY: Let's take a couple questions.

Q. Would you have felt -- you know, if you shot 72 today or 70, would you have felt like you really left a lot out there?
GEOFF OGILVY: I mean, there's 72s and 72s. I don't know how many -- you could birdie the last five holes with 72 and feel pretty good about it. You give back eight on the last and shoot 72 and feel bad about it.
It's definitely the day to make better shots. You want to take advantage of a day like today because this course generally won't get any easier during the week. It does give you a few chances, and it's nice to take them for sure.
It's also not -- when you go out seeing so many good scores -- I mean, there was probably six or seven scores of 5- under or better when we were standing on the first hole today. So we kind of know what's out there.
It doesn't -- I guess you can go either way with it. You can go, they played really well. I'm going to have to play well. Or, oh, look, the course is good today. I can do well today, which is how I looked at it.

Q. Jeff, 63 in the third round last year here and 65. What is it about the course that you're getting comfortable with?
GEOFF OGILVY: I think I like to putt on the greens. These are the fastest greens of the year probably outside of Augusta. It's similar-type putts that I grew up -- grew up having. Big long sweeping breaks with speed is a real -- speed is more important on the putt almost. And there's a bit of space off the tee, which never hurts.

Q. Just to abbreviate this, Geoff, what was your best birdie today? Of all eight of them?
GEOFF OGILVY: The first, my 10th hole. I hit it in the right fairway bunker and hit a really good shot, about ten feet. That's a good birdie. Those bunkers are deep now.

Q. What club?

Q. You said that you've been playing well but haven't really been making the putts. In two weeks you're going to a place where, if you're hitting the ball well, they're much smaller greens. They're not going to be sliding like they are here, and I'm not sure what the speed will be like. Do you feel comfortable with that kind of situation now knowing that you're hitting the ball so well?
GEOFF OGILVY: I'm happy the way I'm hitting the ball. I hit the ball great last week. I hit the ball greet really since Augusta. And I feel like it's been on the improve. So that's nice.
The U.S. Open is definitely a tournament that you want to go to feeling like you're hitting it well. There's a lot of intimidating shots, if you like, at Pebble. So it's nice to kind of -- it will be nice to have a pretty good handle on your golf swing.
As far as the putting, they're really small greens, and some of them are pretty steep of pitch from back to front. So there's going to be some -- putting is obviously the key in most U.S. Opens, it's going to be the key there. Putting could get from quite easy -- if you leave it in the right spot, you could have short putts uphill all day or filthy putts from the back edge all day.
I think we can expect relatively fast greens at Pebble. I think we know what to expect. It's nice to be playing -- it's nice to be hitting the ball well going into a tournament like that for sure.

Q. Geoff, you said you've been hitting well since Augusta. It went well last Sunday. Was that just a case of putting. Any common threads?
GEOFF OGILVY: I putted great on Sunday. I hit a lot of good putts that just kind of burned the edge of the hole on Saturday. So I was -- last week was one of those nice tournaments where every day I played better. You don't have many of those. Normally, I have one like this. But every single day was a better day.
So coming here, I felt pretty good about it. It's a nice time of year to start feeling that about your game. It was a nice week. Everybody went so low last week, it was nice to finally get in on the act on Sunday.

Q. Seeing as no one else is going to ask it, I'm going to ask you about No. 8. It looked like you just tried to clear that without even marking. Was it just not a thought?
GEOFF OGILVY: I mean, it's the same way I would approach most putts that length all year. I thought it was just a real straightforward tap-in, and I missed it. You do it a couple times a year, and that was one of them.
I would like to go again, but that's the way I approach those putts. I don't miss very many of them. So just one of those things.
There must be something weird going around the hole because J.B. missed a putt right after me on the same sort of lie. It kind of breaks right up the hill. It's kind of weird. I'm not blaming that. It's just one of those things.
LAURY LIVSEY: Geoff, thank you for your time. Appreciate it.

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