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June 3, 2010

Andrew Dodt


Q. How good was that?
ANDREW DODT: Yeah, it was pretty good. I drove it pretty well. And haven't been putting my best over the last couple of weeks. 'Worked pretty hard on that and holed some nice putts today.

Q. First visit; meets your eye?
ANDREW DODT: First visit, we had a practise round on Tuesday. It's one of those courses you just feel comfortable with, I feel comfortable with, especially on the tee. I usually drive it pretty good, so I feel comfortable on those driving holes.

Q. You're comfortable, because there's a nice vista there and you know where to hit it?
ANDREW DODT: I think I'm a pretty good driver of the ball. So whenever I see a course I can get driver around most of the holes, I feel pretty comfortable.

Q. The par 5s are tempting?
ANDREW DODT: Yeah, especially the 18th behind us. We had 230 from the hole. From the top of the hill, it's just a nice picture and you just try and hit your best shot in.

Q. How are you getting on with being on The European Tour after the success in India?
ANDREW DODT: So far so good. Only my second time I've been here, I came here in 2007, but it feels comfortable, and I feel like I'm at home in Australia. We are in the U.K. and it feels exactly the same. The people are nice, the courses are great, and just really looking forward to playing well.

Q. You're getting used to sort of going from one event to another? I know the results haven't quite worked in your favour since India.
ANDREW DODT: It has not been the best overall where I would like it to be, but we are working pretty hard at it at the moment and hopefully we can have a pretty good second half of the year.

Q. Have you mapped the year out?
ANDREW DODT: Yeah, we sat down after India and put a pretty good schedule together and tried to play not too much, but also take into consideration the amount of travel and break and tournaments. I think we have got a pretty good schedule put together.

Q. Go on, map it out. What it was going to be like to what it is like now?
ANDREW DODT: We were probably heading down to the Nationwide Tour avenue, but India has changed everything. We'll be over here for as long as we can be.

Q. I take it there were plenty of parties when you got home, as well as deliberations?
ANDREW DODT: Yeah, there were, a few parties, a few drinks here and there. It was good. It was my first professional win, so I wanted to make sure I celebrated with everyone and it was a good time. Had a lot of fun.

Q. Brought anybody out here? Have you got enough company and friends around?
ANDREW DODT: Yeah, I've got my partner, Ashley, from Australia, we have moved over to a place here in the U.K., and I have Shane on the bag. I'm pretty comfortable and I don't feel out of place. I feel at home.

Q. And you took advice from the Aussies who have come through the route of coming to Britain as a base?
ANDREW DODT: Yeah, sort of spoke with Marcus Fraser and Peter O'Malley quite a lot. Peter has been at it a few years and we've played a few practise rounds together. It's nice to hear what to do and where to go from those guys.

Q. You sound relaxed and settled in nicely.
ANDREW DODT: Yeah, there's no need to be tense about it all. Just relax and have a good time.

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