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June 3, 2010

Michael Letzig


MICHAEL LETZIG: Yeah, I got the win at the perfect round last year. Followed Tiger on some of it and watched him just tear the golf course apart.
I didn't play quite like that with my iron shots, but I putted very well today. You know, any time you get to go with him, you can learn from it.
It definitely helped me, motivated me a lot last year.

Q. What exactly did you do well today? With all the birdies, it was something obviously.
MICHAEL LETZIG: I putted very well. I had three or four birdies that were close range, hit it in there very close.
Then when I didn't hit the iron shots so good, I putted great. I made three putts over 20 feet.

Q. Greens still fast?
MICHAEL LETZIG: Greens are very fast. I made one on 15, the downhill putt on par 5, and I was just trying to lag that one in. It was such a fast putt.

Q. There's a lot of low scores being posted today. What do you attribute to that?
MICHAEL LETZIG: The rain. The course is so soft. The greens are still perfect, but with the iron shots, you can fire right at the flag.
And the fairways are soft, so you don't have to worry about it running through into the rough how it normally is here.

Q. I heard you've taken a little time off, regrouping a little bit. You had a week off?
MICHAEL LETZIG: Yeah, I had a week off last week and kind of expected to miss this week, too. I got in Monday as an alternate when Charles Howell withdrew.
I kind of came here with nothing to lose and just very fortunate to be able to play here. I love this golf course.

Q. Has your mindset changed a little? Like you said, when you don't expect it, but you say, hey, this is too much work?
MICHAEL LETZIG: This is too much. I had my coach here with me. We worked on the range all week, and I had all kinds of thoughts in my head. I couldn't even think to go back out. I was out of it.

Q. But you obviously learned -- was it the rest, or did you learn something from all the work?
MICHAEL LETZIG: Yeah. Don't play seven weeks in a row.

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