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June 3, 2010

Steve Marino


Q. With a rain delay, especially for more than two hours, how does that affect the player at this level? What do you guys do to try to get back into the flow you had going?
STEVE MARINO: You know, we don't. We all were just sitting in there, grabbing something to eat, hanging out.
You know, for me, I was playing great. Seemed like I missed a bunch of short putts before the rain delay. So I came back out and promptly made like a 15-footer. So it was actually a good thing for me. I started putting better after the delay.

Q. What's the course like? A lot of rain last night and then today.
STEVE MARINO: It's real soft. Which makes it tough, it plays a little longer. Also, you're getting some mud balls on the fairway.
You know, if there's no mud on your ball and you're hitting the fairway, the greens are soft so you can attack the pins.

Q. If there's much more rain, how bad will the course be?
STEVE MARINO: It will get pretty sloppy. The greens will be fine. They have that SubAir system. I think the only question will be the fairways. If we get much more rain, I think we have to go lift, clean and place.

Q. As wet as it is, are the greens still rolling pretty quick?
STEVE MARINO: Absolutely. Absolutely. The greens aren't that wet because they have the SubAir system to suck the water up. So they're perfect.

Q. If you had to guess, you think the latter part today will dry out?
STEVE MARINO: I think they'll fare pretty well. I don't think it's going to dry out that much. It's pretty saturated out there. The greens might get a little bit crispier, but the scoring conditions are pretty ideal for today.

Q. Are there any good scores taking place [indiscernible]?
STEVE MARINO: I hit a couple of squirrely shots on the ball today that caused a couple of bogeys for me. A couple of guys in my group did the same. I'm sure it's happening everywhere.

Q. Is there a particular thing you like to do to pass the time when you have a delay like this?
STEVE MARINO: Just go and hang out. I mean, it's pretty stress-free in there. It's not that big of a deal.

Q. Card game or anything like that?
STEVE MARINO: I have words with friends on the iPhone. Get a little of that going.

Q. All in all, a good start for you. Happy where you're at?
STEVE MARINO: Absolutely. I've been struggling a little bit lately. I played real well today. Hit a lot of good shots. I'm real happy with it.

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