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June 2, 2010

Kendrick Perkins


Q. (Inaudible.)
KENDRICK PERKINS: Everything is on the line right now. I get a lot of phone calls every day about, you know, a lot of people in my hometown going for the Lakers. It kind of upsets me a little bit, but a lot of them have been Lakers fans for a long time. So I just want to go out there and I really want to beat them.

Q. What about the Celtics of 20 and 30 years ago? Are you playing for them, too?
KENDRICK PERKINS: I probably wasn't even born then when that stuff was going on, but you are. You can tell just with the stadium and the history that you are playing more than just for yourself.

Q. Were they a weaker team in 2008 and are they stronger now.
KENDRICK PERKINS: What do you mean by "weak"?

Q. Physically. You pushed them around in '08. So much has been made that they're more equipped now to deal with that physical play.
KENDRICK PERKINS: Well, Doc always told me something that's true: You can't be something that you're not. So you're the same person in 2008, and you will be the same person in 2010. I don't think -- if you're a physical person, you're a physical person. If you're a physical team, you're a physical team. I don't think that can change.

Q. What comes to mind for you for this team to steal a game, whether it's Game 1, Game 2, Game 6 or 7 on this home court? That has to happen, at least one of them, to get this series.
KENDRICK PERKINS: I think we just have to be focused. I think every guy has to know why we're in LA, and that's not for vacation or just to enjoy The Finals. It's to win two games. This first one is going to be key. I think we've got to come out and attack. We've got to be ready because they're going to come out attacking us, so we have to be able to come out and attack them.

Q. You guys have been a great road team. Does that give you more confidence going into this?
KENDRICK PERKINS: Yeah, it does. We have a lot of confidence playing on the road. A lot of guys -- we feel like when we play on the road we come together more. It's kind of like you against the world. But when we're at home, we also feel good at home, but you have to win on the road -- we have to win on the road in order for us to win this series.

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