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June 2, 2010

Jack Nicklaus


Q. What kind of form he was in at the time?
JACK NICKLAUS: I don't think it makes any difference what form Tiger would have been in. I mean, I think that I look back at 1979 and the Ryder Cup. You made the team strictly on points. I didn't make the team in 1979. If they'd have had selections, I probably would have -- somebody would have said you're going to leave Nicklaus off the team. And even if I had the worst year playing golf, I think I would have been selected.
And the same thing. There would be no reason why you would ever leave Tiger off a team. Even if he didn't play well. Just for his leadership ability.

Q. (Indiscernible)
JACK NICKLAUS: First of all, you're doing a suppose. He's going to make the team. I promise you you'll make the team.

Q. Let's make the assumption that he doesn't.
JACK NICKLAUS: If he doesn't, I think Tiger also is, in my opinion, being the captain of him on four teams, he was a team player.

Q. So you think he would accept?
JACK NICKLAUS: Sure, I think he'd accept. Absolutely.

Q. Jack, you said -- and it's been said over the years that the British Open, and then there's the British Open at St. Andrews. Does the U.S. Open have a course like that? There's the U.S. Open and then there's the U.S. Open at wherever?
JACK NICKLAUS: Probably not. I think, you know, from my standpoint, I won at Oakmont and Pebble Beach. All three of those venues are great. I mean, Pebble Beach is just probably -- I've always said, if I had one round of golf to go play at, I'd probably go play at Pebble Beach. So Pebble Beach is probably a little more special to me than any other one from that standpoint.
But there isn't one that I wouldn't want to play at or want to be at or I think is anything that much more special.
It's like British Road. And I like all the golf courses at British Open, but St. Andrews is the home of golf. That's why I chose to end my career there. It's sort of the home of golf. It's meant so much to the game. Golf is not just a U.S. sport, it's an international sport. That's sort of why I did that.

Q. Jack, a couple guys, Chris Smith talk a little bit about.
TIM FINCHEM: You know, I have nothing to do with exemptions. The captains club does that.

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