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June 1, 2010

Daniel Briere


Q. From a psychological standpoint, (Indiscernible)?
DANNY BRIERE: We're still feeling good about it. Obviously, we would rather be up 2-0 or even 1-1. But we've been in the same situation before, and we believe we can come back. We believe in our team.
So that's a big part of the battle. Sometimes when you get blown out of the water, it's tough mentally to come back. But looking at the chances for and against in both games, we feel we're ahead of them.
We have to keep pounding away and start creating our own bounces. We kind of did the same thing against Boston where early in the Series we were outchancing them. We're just missing a little something around the net to create our own bounces, and I think that's the point where we're at now.
In the Series you need four wins to win a Series. With our team, it seems like we like to grind it out, make it tough. We're a team that can go a long ways with the way we play. Hopefully, this Series will go a long way. For us there's no chance, if we want to win. We hope we can make it a long one.

Q. A lot has been made about Chris Pronger (Indiscernible)?
DANNY BRIERE: I don't know. He seems comfortable in -- seems in his element right now. And you know what, he's been there before, so I'm sure there's a method. He seems to be disturbing a lot of people around. And we're a team that disturbs a lot of people. I guess he fits right in.

Q. The last (Indiscernible)?
DANNY BRIERE: Well, you're right. These guys stepped in front of a lot of shots. Last night we had three or four good chances like in the higher slot, and they had two or three guys in line trying to defend that shot.
So that's one thing. We didn't look at specifically any videos of this, but it's something we realize and we know. It's about making the shot, maybe taking a step to the side or hitting a guy on the side of the net instead of trying to pound it through them.
So, yeah, it's something they're doing well. We'll have to adjust to it a little bit.

Q. You guys had to make some adjustments when Jeff came back, didn't want to break up your line. Do you think there's been a little hesitation from the top line or a difficulty with Jeff on the right side?
DANNY BRIERE: I'm not sure. Sometimes you have to give the other team credit. Bolland's line has done a very good job. You look at what he did previously against Sedin and Joe Thornton, he's playing well right now. He's feeling confident about his game, shutting top lines of the other teams, and that's why last night the second or third line chipped in a goal (Indiscernible).
I think Bolland has been playing really well. At some point I'm sure Richie's line will explode and get back.

Q. There's only a couple of guys on that roster that (Indiscernible) have you learned something from the first two games (Indiscernible)?
DANNY BRIERE: Yeah. Their line chemistry, we know (Indiscernible) more of the players. We talked about Bolland. That's a good example. Even Kris Versteeg, Kopecky they've played well. They've played well as a line. Obviously, we all know about their top guys. But on defense, tough to say his name. I'm not too sure. Number 4. He's playing well. We talked about shot blocking. Been blocking a lot of shots.
There's a few guys that we're -- you get to know and try to adapt and make them in areas where they're not as comfortable. I'm sure they're going to try to do the same thing with us.

Q. (Question off Microphone).
DANNY BRIERE: Actually, yeah, it was more motivational. We talked a lot about what we've been through this year. And we never make it easy on ourselves. But we think we play better when we're in that situation. We're feeling more comfortable when we're in those situations.
What I like about our team is the way we respond here when we put ourselves with our backs against the wall. We've overcome it before and we're comfortable we can do it again.

Q. Peter Laviolette was talking about playing with desperation (Indiscernible)?
DANNY BRIERE: I think the situation we've put ourselves in demands desperation now. There's no doubt about it. But at the same time you know we're coming back home, having the chance to play in probably the toughest building to play in the NHL on the road. So the one loss that we have here in the Playoff was one of our best games of the Playoffs when we lost to Boston 4-1.
So that's what gives me a lot of confidence. But at the same time, you know, we don't want to try to come back from an 0-3 deficit once again. I expect a lot of desperation tomorrow night.
DANNY BRIERE: Thanks, guys.

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