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May 31, 2010

Joel Quenneville


Chicago: 2
Philadelphia: 1

Q. Marian Hossa breaks through, scores that big goal late in the second period. Talk about that lift that gave your team, seemed like they mobbed him right after the goal and then you scored a couple seconds later?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: Yeah, it was a big goal. Looked like it was the kind of game whoever scored first would have a big edge. Kind of different, just the opposite of the first game. But the pace was fast, it was competitive. Obviously, a very timely goal, and then Benny to come back with a big one right after, and you're in a good spot right then.
But in the third there, Antti, you know, at the end of the night, you might say, goalie W.

Q. Whether they were his fault or not, five went in on Niemi the other night. What is it about him that enables him to play the way he does after games like that?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: That's the way he is. His disposition is very laid back, very quiet, very unassuming guy, and he just moves forward. I think he just looks ahead, and looking to stop the next shot and refocuses. But, you know, you've got to commend his attitude and his preparation. At the same time, that's just the way he is.

Q. Were you relying too much on Antti Niemi in the third period, you thought?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: No, we certainly didn't want to spend that much time in our own end, and the quality that they're getting, we had to be better. They're coming, they're pressing, and they've got a lot of guys that can make plays.
I think that's, you know, that was one of those games where we'd like to spend some time in their end. We'd like to have some more puck-possession game, we started the game the way we'd liked. Second period we might have been fortunate coming out with some very timely goals.
But at the same time, we did better in our team game tonight, and Antti really complemented that.

Q. What was the thinking throwing Ben Eager out there right after that first goal? Obviously, it turned out to be a great decision, but what was your thinking having him out there with a different group?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: Well, just those guys give us some speed. They give us energy. Sometimes as a line you can just insert them with other guys. Benny gets in on the forecheck, and whether Prongs is out there or not, hopefully, he creates a little bit of space and puck possession.
But he made a great shot. Benny's got one of those shots that's deceiving, and got more pace on it than you'd think or know. It was a huge goal.

Q. Continuing on Benny here, can you talk about how a player who plays the way he does can change the momentum in a game like that?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: Well, that line, that's their niche. That's what their effectiveness is is bringing energy, hitting, getting in on the forecheck. They had some shifts in the offensive zone, and a couple of times he got inserted with different guys over the course of the game.
But all Playoffa long, I think that that group has been useful in their ways. They don't get a ton of ice time, but they manage to make it important whether it's five to nine minutes. Very useful again tonight with their contribution.

Q. Everything looks like it's rolling forward. You're up two games, 7 in a row. Do you guard against overconfidence?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: No, you've got to commend our guys with their approach. You I think whether it was in the Vancouver Series or the San Jose Series, I think we're looking to play our best game next game, knowing we have to be better.
We're going on the road there, and they're playing well at home. I think we've got to go back to what made us so effective in the road trips in San Jose and Vancouver Series, and look to check our way into a very competitive type of team.

Q. Now that you took care of business here, how super charged do you expect the building to be in their place on Wednesday night?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: Well, you know, you've got to expect a loud building. I think we went into some loud buildings in Vancouver and San Jose in the Playoffs. You know, you eventually like to quiet it as best you can. But I think that's a challenge that's going to be out there.
But I still think that being excited about thinking we have to be our best next game, it's going to be you a tough game and be ready for it.

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