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May 31, 2010

Ben Eager

Duncan Keith


Blackhawks – 2
Flyers - 1

Q. Ben, maybe some thoughts on scoring a Stanley Cup Finals goal against the team that drafted you.
BEN EAGER: It was pretty exciting. You know, been working pretty hard this Postseason. It was definitely a nice feeling to see that one go in. It was a big shift before us. Hoss scored a big goal for us and really got the bench going. We got out there next and got a nice bounce.

Q. Duncan, the Flyer fore-check, is that the best you've seen all year?
DUNCAN KEITH: I don't know. They're pretty good. Let's put that it way. Definitely got some guys with a lot of speed. Especially on their forwards who can get in there quick and create some havoc. Anytime you get in there with some speed, it's tough.
But we as defensemen, that's our job to get back, make quick plays and smart plays, and get the pucks out to the forward. Definitely Philadelphia is good at the fore-check, for sure.

Q. What happened at the end with Pronger, Ben?
BEN EAGER: Nothing, really. Just a little post-game chat, but it was nothing.

Q. Can you elaborate?
BEN EAGER: He's been picking the pucks up after the game, and I just told him he can keep it.

Q. Duncan, it seemed like Philadelphia, they really put the pressure on there in the last half, about in the third period. What was it like trying to defend them? They were making it uncomfortable, weren't they?
DUNCAN KEITH: Obviously, it's a 2-1 lead. It's a close game. They are pressing for a goal. So there's pressure on them to score, and there's pressure on us to defend. I would rather be in our position trying to defend, if you go in the third period late like that and having the lead.
But definitely they were pressing and making some plays and they had some chances there. I thought Antti made some nice plays, took up a lot of the net. We did a good job clearing some pucks out to not let them get any rebounds.

Q. Duncan, what was better about tonight's effort versus Game 1, and what has to continue to get better as you move into three and four in Philadelphia in your mind?
DUNCAN KEITH: Well, I just think that we did a lot of things better than we did last game, as far as managing the puck and being better positionally, defensively. I still think those are things we all think that as a group we still feel we can be better at than we were tonight. I just think we're looking forward to the next game now and just keep on improving as the series goes on here.

Q. Guys, Niemi -- for both of you, Niemi had no Playoff experience coming into this, and yet he seems to bounce back instantly from any subpar performance. What is it about him?
DUNCAN KEITH: Maybe that's better he's had no experience. He just shows up to play every night. He works real hard in practice. He doesn't like any pucks getting by him. We're real confident when he's in nets. He played another great game for us, especially in the third period there.

Q. Ben, you were very popular player in Philadelphia. What are your thoughts now going back to a place where you were cheered and beloved?
DUNCAN KEITH: It's going to be fun. I had a lot of great times in Philadelphia. They gave me a chance to play in the NHL, and I'm thankful for that.
But it's one thing to be playing in the NHL. But to be playing against the Flyers is pretty cool. And it's going to be a good atmosphere at the Wachovia Center next game.

Q. Hoss was saying he was frustrated not being able to score the last three or four games. He's talking about that frustration. How happy are you for him that he finally got one in the net after a while?
DUNCAN KEITH: Yeah, I think it was great to see him get that one. Just a nice play being right around the net, getting that rebound. He's had a lot of chances. To score goals. And for empty nets and other chances where he just hasn't been able to get it in.
But he's been creating chances for us all throughout the Playoffs and last game especially, and tonight again. For sure it was nice to see him get that one.

Q. Duncan, the difference between your defensive effort as a group has been so drastic between Game 1 and Game 2. What do you attribute that to?
DUNCAN KEITH: Well, I just -- you know, I think -- I don't know what it was. For whatever reason, in Game 1 it just seemed maybe on both sides that there was a little bit of feeling out there. Just some indecision and sloppier plays. I think tonight both teams kind of got back to playing better defensively and playing smarter with the puck. I think that showed in the score.
But for whatever -- I just think we got to keep moving forward here and keep trying to improve on those things and keep drilling it in our head that that's what's going to make us successful, being smart with the puck and being smart without the puck.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, gentlemen.

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