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May 30, 2010

David Frost


KELLY ELBIN: David Frost, ladies and gentlemen, who along with Fred Couples is the runner-up in the 71st Senior PGA Championship here at Colorado Golf Club. David shot 5-under par 67 today. And then made an, I believe a 6 on the --
DAVID FROST: Doesn't matter.
KELLY ELBIN: Doesn't matter. With the four there. David, nice playing today, but have to ask first of all, would you go through what happened on the playoff hole with the drive and then from there.
DAVID FROST: I didn't hit a great drive. The wind's quite strong right-to-left. I didn't have enough guts to aim it way out right and bring it back like Tom did. But I won't let one hole bother me when I played so many good holes out there yesterday and today.
KELLY ELBIN: What were you trying to do on that second shot? Did you feel like you had a chance to knock it on?
DAVID FROST: Yeah, the wind was just so strong right-to-left. I got it pin high and the wind just took the ball.
So I was hoping that the shot I had, if it was just like three feet further, I would have had a chip towards the hole. But anyway, that's the way it goes.
KELLY ELBIN: Open it up for questions.

Q. I'm sure you're a little bit disappointed right now, but how encouraged are you by the way you played over the weekend? You found that tip on Friday and it worked for you.
DAVID FROST: Well, I'm not really disappointed. I played well. Tom obviously finished it off. But as it turned out I was in the clubhouse first, somebody could have, one of those two guys could have bogeyed one of the last two holes. Couples could have birdied the last hole and I might not have even been here now or -- well still in the same boat, I guess.
But, yeah, I'm very encouraged. I hit a lot of great shots out there. I played really well on the weekend. Maybe a little unlucky today, I missed a couple of short putts for birdie.
On 9 I missed about an 8-footer for birdie.
And on 11 I missed also an 8-footer for birdie. So, but I must say, I chipped in twice today, which helped as well.
So you get some and you give some.
KELLY ELBIN: For the record David was 12-under par over the weekend.

Q. 132 on the weekend is pretty strong, pretty strong play. The rhythm of the course out there it seems to give you some scoring holes and then some holes where you have to kind of hang, hold it together. If you get a little off it's easy to stay off, if you get a little on, you found the secret for keeping it on. Can you talk about that.
DAVID FROST: Starting out yesterday and today you are hoping there are birdie holes out there, but after playing the first two days it's just hard to make birdies out there. I just got lucky, hit it in the right places maybe today and yesterday.
Yeah, it's the kind of golf -- we didn't play this kind of wind the last, I didn't play this wind the last week except for today.
17, I managed to hit a 9-iron to the green. And it was straight down wind. And I had hit 7 and 8-iron both, well, two or three occasions.
So it was a little different wind today. But as you say, there are some short holes that it's, it's a -- it's a fancy golf course. Because look at the second hole's a 9-iron par-3.
13 is a chip into the green. If you hit it in the right place.
14 you can drive.
So you got to play a lot of fancy shots out there. And Couples eagled 15 and 16, which was too fancy for me. But, yeah I would say that's about how I feel about it.

Q. Which holes did you chip in and how long were they?
DAVID FROST: No. 6 I holed a bunker shot I would say about 30 feet.
Then 7, very unlucky, I hit a 3-wood off the tee thinking if I hit driver like Chip Beck did through the fairway into the bunker. So I hit a three wood and I thought I cleared the trap and ended up in the trap.
Then I played it up short there and hit 8-iron over the green and chipped it in from about 40 feet on, from over the back of the green.

Q. At the time did you have a sense of how important that putt was on 17? Were you watching the scoreboard at all?
DAVID FROST: I didn't watch the scoreboard at all today. I watched -- I caught a glimpse of it at the bottom of it on No. 16 as I walked off the tee. Couples name was right at the bottom, I saw he was minus three, and I saw him eagle or I heard him eagle, eagle. Then I felt I was tied with him. But I didn't know if anybody was 8- or 9-under.
So only after my putt on 18 did I look at the board. I think nothing I could have done about it at that stage. I was just trying to hit the shots that I could hit. There's no point in trying to be aggressive when you could still play the shot and make a birdie like I did on 17.
And 18 was a little unlucky, I think that I hit a good drive up the right side and it bounced to the right in the rough. So I couldn't approach, I couldn't attack the flag from there. So I would say there I was, those were, that was my unlucky bounce today.
KELLY ELBIN: Birdies on 15, 16, 17 and then the great save at 18. Talk just a second about how that felt to play so strong down the stretch in the heat of the moment.
DAVID FROST: It's very gratifying to know you still have something in the bag. I think that when you get to our age the nerves start taking over, but I was surprised that I managed to finish strong.
It's nice to create some excitement for the viewers and yourself and your friends that follow you all the time. That's why we play the game.
I must say it being the PGA of America's tournament, they do a great job in golf per se. I learned under my head professional growing up. And you see all these ads on TV where everyone says, if you need a lesson go see your local pro. And sometimes we take it for granted, but that's how we all started playing the game from our local pros.
If it wasn't for these guys, we wouldn't have the sport to play and all the charities that go with it. And next year we got a nice sponsor for the event. So they do a great job. And there were a lot of people out here today, that kept it even more exciting.
So with all these positives in golf for us, it's, I said it to the guys today, I said it's nice to have a second life out here and being sort of in this exciting mode playing the 18th in a playoff. We are all actually has beens out here, we're not going to resurrect our careers on the Champions Tour, but it's nice to still be able to be in the lime light like that.

Q. At midway when you're 5-over you're 12 back, did you just have a real relaxed attitude when you hit the tee yesterday morning at that point?
DAVID FROST: Yes, I was relaxed, but I birdied the second hole and then I birdied the third hole and I just sort of didn't want to get excited, just kind of played the situation down and just kind of thought to myself, well if I just keep the ball rolling, who knows, maybe I could shoot three or 4-under today.
But didn't expect something like this to be the result.
KELLY ELBIN: David Frost, corunner-up in the 71st Senior PGA Championship. Thank you.

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