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May 30, 2010

Bill Loeffler


BILL LOEFFLER: I was just grinding out there for a 79.

Q. (Inaudible.)
BILL LOEFFLER: No, I can't. I was trying to figure it out after about the fourth hole today, what in the world happened. Unfortunately, Mr. Hyde showed up. So yeah, I wish I could.

Q. How was the putting today?
BILL LOEFFLER: I hit good putts, I didn't make like I did yesterday. I don't know what I really did wrong. I hit it in a bush on the first hole and that didn't help. It was just so frustrating, I can't describe it.

Q. Two days ago you weren't going to play competitive golf anymore ever again.
BILL LOEFFLER: And then yesterday I was, I entered like 10 tournaments. And now I'm going to withdraw from 12. So, it's neat.

Q. The rest of the year, The Open?
BILL LOEFFLER: I'm entered in the Colorado Open. I'll probably play in that, but I think I told you guys yesterday, I play in about three four-round events a year. Hopefully this, Colorado Open, and then the Senior PGA.
So I play in a couple three round tournaments. That's -- I'll look forward to those.

Q. Was it hard not to think about being the low club pro?
BILL LOEFFLER: Well, it was my goal and I was hoping that they would put Blair and Lindy and I together. We almost got it done, but then I'm glad that we didn't, because it wouldn't have been fun getting the crap beat out of me by those two guys.

Q. (Inaudible.)
BILL LOEFFLER: It was great. So many people from my club that came out that I have known and my family was out here. My mom came out, she's 89, she walked this place the first day, I couldn't believe it. So it was great. Tons of people pulling for me.

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