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May 30, 2010

Lindy Miller


Q. Just talk about your day today and what was going through your mind.
LINDY MILLER: Just real steady, I made like three birdies and three bogeys. Made a couple good up-and-downs on the last few holes and kind of brought it in good. But very pleased with even par today. With the little bit of wind, coming from a little bit different direction and so we're good.

Q. Not trying to put the cart in front of the horse, but right now it looks like you're in real good position to be the low club pro. You said yesterday that this was something that wasn't on your mind, that you hadn't thought about it. Any thoughts on it now?
LINDY MILLER: Well all I can do is all I can do up until now. We'll just wait and see.
It would be very special, just like I told you yesterday, I don't know if I mentioned it, I was low club pro in the PGA Championship in 1991 when Daly won at Crooked Stick. So to add this, that would be great. But we'll just wait and see. I can't do anything with the rest of my round, obviously, and just wait and see what happens. But I'm very pleased with the way the whole week went.

Q. Have you heard from people back home and from just the support and that?
LINDY MILLER: Oh, yeah. Just all kind of e-mails and texts and we got some people here from Fort Worth. And it's just been great. A lot of support back there at Shady Oaks Country Club and just glad to be a part of it and be ready to get back there.

Q. There's going to be people watching you on TV, streaming on live on the award ceremony, you'll be on the green.
LINDY MILLER: Well, that would be good. We'll just wait and see if all that happens, if I'm actually the low club pro. But we'll see what happens.

Q. Tell me about the birdie at 15.
LINDY MILLER: I hit a good drive and it didn't go quite as far down there as it has the last few days. And I hit a good rescue, just got over the creek, but I could putt it up the hill and I putted it up there about 10 feet and made it. So that got me back to even and then made three pars coming in.

Q. You're a guy that doesn't have a whole lot of reactions out there, but when you made that putt, it must have felt pretty good.
LINDY MILLER: Yeah, and I had missed some birdies early in the round, not a whole bunch, but two or three that were pretty short, and I was just kind of hanging around that 1-over for the day, so that was nice to get me back to even and made me feel good anyway.

Q. What about your par save at 17.
LINDY MILLER: Well that's just very fortunate, I can tell you that. But I hit it in the wrong spot, way over there to the right, and putted it down there and probably made a 15-footer kind of right-to-left breaker and that got me going into 18. And then fortunately made another good par putt there.

Q. It's not official, but the difference between low club pro on the PGA and low club pro today is you get a crystal bowl.
LINDY MILLER: Exactly. I'm looking forward to it, if it stands. We'll see.

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