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May 30, 2010

Ben Crenshaw


BEN CRENSHAW: I thought the course played beautiful. It played tough. The setup is tough. But it's in beautiful condition. The greens were just marvelous. The fairways, I thought that they got consistently better each day. They weren't quite as heavy as they were the first part of the week.
I think that most of the players picked it up fairly quick, but they didn't have a chance to practice on Monday, that set them back a day, and it's a course that takes a lot of knowing and knowing what you can and can't do and what choices that you try to make.
I always thought that it would really yield to very, very well thought out golf. A strong test though. We had some tough conditions this week. When it blows this hard and sometimes and you're trying to figure out where to land the ball, especially on the approaches. Like I told you the first of the week, that the gauging the approach shots I thought was a lot of the golf course. And it turns out I think that guys were very happy when they got it pin high and in good position.

Q. Early in the week you talked about the idea that the course needed to mature in terms of its future Majors and that kind of thing. What kind of time frame do you think in terms of maturation and that?
BEN CRENSHAW: Well it's still very young. I'm just pleased -- and the conditions have been wonderful. I think some people enjoyed the course for the most part. I really heard some nice comments from some of the players.
I think especially from some of the international players. They seemed to like it a lot, which was nice to hear.
It's a very natural course. It's a wonderful piece of property that we had to work with here. As I said earlier, the natural attributes of the course we thought would just allow to us lay the holes in. And we worked very hard on the bunkering around the greens and the contouring of the greens. But the holes, they have a nice individual character to them and they're fun to play in a lot of different conditions.

Q. Do you see anything that needs to be tweaked or change that is need to be made for another championship?
BEN CRENSHAW: Well I think the margins of the fairways this week was stern, I thought, because this is, to me this is an arid region, you don't get a lot of rainfall here. It's dry. So that lends itself to running golf. I mean you bounce the ball along the ground. And in that respect, if you have a bit more width to play with then I think it work as little bit better with these conditions. It also makes it a little more interesting golf too.
But the holes themselves I don't see a lot of tweaking. I think number 8 green on the very top left we'll watch that. It's very, very close.
But, no, I thought we had a wonderful week. And I'm really proud of it.

Q. The short par-4s and going out on the back nines, it seems a perfect course for a team type event.
BEN CRENSHAW: Yeah, it would be a wonderful match play course, really. Because there are some different holes. There's some situations where if you go for it you'll get rewarded. I saw some great, great golf this week.
Yesterday Andrew Oldcorn, I played with him yesterday, he played one of the most beautiful rounds of golf and he had a wonderful rhythm going, he hit the ball solidly, and I'm just, I'm struck that so much, there's so much talent here over the age of 50. These guys can play. And they just can handle lots of conditions. It's very first class golf. It really is.

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