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May 29, 2010

Joel Quenneville


Blackhawks – 6
Flyers - 5

THE MODERATOR: Take questions for Coach Quenneville.

Q. Coach, what were you guys able to change between the first two periods and the third that changed the way you were able to possess the puck?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: I thought we had more speed to the game. We had more puck possession, more attack. We were very stationary.
The first period, physically was a little jittery for both teams. More so us, and even in the second I still think we were a little bit more emotionless than we normally. And then all of a sudden we picked up the tempo, and pace that we wanted to set and continue. That's the standard we want to move on going forward to the next game.

Q. I assume that's the not game plan you mapped out to begin with? What's it like to be coaching in a game and look up and it's 5-5.
A. A lot of action. Shootout at the OK Corral. Things settled down as the game progressed. Certainly, I don't think anybody envisioned 5-5 heading into the third period. I still thought we improved as the game went on. I think that's kind of the niche we want to do. We want to get better and better each game.
I think it progressed in the game as well. But it was -- I don't think anybody -- we stressed defense and defense first approach. But I think we got away from it tonight.

Q. Joel, one of the guys seemed to be able to keep his head was Hossa. Is that just a reflection of how many games at this level he's played?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: He's an amazing player. I know his production gets a lot of questioning as we have gotten along in these Playoffs. He's so effective in so many ways. You're so comfortable with him against anybody. Defensively his role and responsibility is -- he finds a way to get the puck and create offense. He made a great play on the Brouwer and XXX. The line was very dangerous, very effective. I thought he leaded way.

Q. It's amazing there would be six goal score and Toews and Kane are not on the score sheet. That's kind of a surprise I guess for you, perhaps? Any thought how they played?
A. You look at the lines tonight, that was the one line I think out of the four that needed to be better. That Bolly line was good. Sharpy, Mad Dog. That line can really improve off of today's game.

Q. Coach, looked like you moved Kane to a different line. What was your thought process?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: I think we -- he was sitting on the bench from penalty killers. We just want to get him out there. I think some of the penalties were killing him. I don't think it was by design.

Q. At any point during that crazy first two periods, did you think about pulling Niemi, and if not, why not?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: I thought the goals we gave him, I think our coverage wasn't as sharp as needed to be. They put a lot of pucks at the net. Created a lot of confusion. I think we have to be sharper in that area. I wasn't looking at the goalie to make that change. I thought he gives us a chance, and I thought he did what he had to do, particularly in the third.

Q. Just some thoughts on Kopecky's performance after not being on the ice for a few games?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: Remarkable comeback. Great play, good patience on the winning goal. I thought that line was very dangerous. Very affective, Bolly and Steeger really complimented Kopey come in. I thought that line throughout the playoffs with Laddy and Kopey, he knows how to play defensively. Their production offensively seems to be timely as far as their goals. But nice return to the lineup.

Q. Coach, can you talk about Troy Brouwer's play? Especially after what he's going through?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: I think Brouwer is picking it up as he went along. A couple of big goals, big shot. He's one of those power forwards that can be a factor and danger.
But that whole line with Sharpy and Hoss was dangerous tonight.

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