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May 29, 2010

Joel Quenneville


THE MODERATOR: If everybody can wait for the mike. We'll take a few questions this morning. First question?

Q. I know that Andrew had hoped to skate this morning. Does this mean Kopecky goes tonight?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: That's the case tonight. Laddy is not playing. We still expect him to play. He's progressing well. But Kopy is in today.

Q. What does Kopy do for that third line which has been pretty effective so far?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: I think he gives them some predictability. He sees a play, can see the ice and he can check as well.
That whole group has been pretty effective. I think they haven't played together, but I still think there's other options as we go along.

Q. Follow-up to that, earlier you had Sharp with Kopecky and Hossa. Is this so you don't change two lines just insert one guy kind of thing?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: We'll see. I know we have options. We have lot of forwards that can go in different spots. Hoss, you can look at Brouwer, you can look at other options as well. But it's -- we're probably going to begin like that and go from there.

Q. Bolland was able to get under the skin of Thornton and Daniels in the last two series. Richards kind of plays a different game. He doesn't mind plucking it up like that. How do you see that matchup placing?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: I think it will be competitive. We'll see how the matchup works. If it's going to be a strict matchup or not. It's something we'll see how the game progresses in games going into other games.
At the same time, he's a competitor. I think Bolly is a comparable type of player. And I just think that we'll see how the game with the score goes. It will be -- I'm sure it will be a good test for both guys.

Q. Been a long wait to get here today. How do you feel now that it's finally here, game day?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: I think everybody is excited. I know we have had some waits throughout this series and throughout the Playoffs, four or five or six days. I think we've all been together targeting today. I think everybody is excited. The anxiousness might come out early. The morning skate was a good way to begin today.
I think we put ourselves all year long in the spot we want to be in. We're really looking forward to what's going to be happening tonight.

Q. A couple of guys said you are doing the hotel plan again this afternoon. Is that to minimize distractions?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: I think that could go with what we're talking about. Yeah, I think that we tried it in the San Jose Series. So we'll see how it goes.

Q. Coach, is there any sort of speech you've been preparing, or do you try to keep things as normal as possible for what you say to them?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: We don't change too much the flavor of how we approach games or going in between series. I think the guys have been diligent in their preparation and their focus has been in the right place.
There's been a few guys in the locker room that have been in the same situation that we're approaching here today. I just think that I think everybody needs to get a couple of shifts under their belt to get playing hockey. A lot of talk here all week long. I think that's what we're looking for is to just play.
THE MODERATOR: Thanks a lot, coach.

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