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May 29, 2010

Bill Glasson


Q. Thoughts on your round today?
BILL GLASSON: I played solidly, I got off to a little bit better start today. No doubles and triples like yesterday. I hung in there.
The course changed so much with the wind and everything, but I thought the pins were a little fairer today. And I just kind of kept it in play, I hit more greens and I kind of settled in a little bit and made -- I've been making those par putts that have kind of kept me in the rounds and kept me in the tournament, basically.
So I did the things that I did the previous two days, couple less errors, fewer errors today, and thus the score difference.

Q. With all the adversity you've overcome, what does it mean to be in the hunt heading into Sunday here at the Senior PGA Championship?
BILL GLASSON: I don't know if I'm in the hunt, but I can sniff the leaders, I guess. But it's fun. I'm pleased. Obviously I'm still critiquing myself about the way I played. I think that I, I think there's a lot of improvement to be made and the good thing is for me I think I can do it.
I'm so far behind as far as hitting and rounds played, holes played, so it's nothing but positive. Whatever happens tomorrow, I think that it's been, that I've exceeded my expectations for this particular week.

Q. So what were your expectations coming in?
BILL GLASSON: I was hoping to make the cut, quite honestly. I knew the walking with, would wear me out, and I have held together fairly well. And I thought that would be a struggle for me was mainly getting around the course.
But I've done all right and everybody else has to walk and that's a good thing.

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