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May 28, 2010

Steve Nash


STEVE NASH: It was a game we really had some bad stretches. You know, proud of our performance coming back. Feeling great that we have an opportunity to play here at home.

Q. How to you put it behind you?
STEVE NASH: I think we have a great opportunity. I think everyone is excited, looking forward to tomorrow, rather than worrying about what happened last game.
We're excited. We're getting rejuvenated, going to be ready.

Q. What happened at the start of the game where the flow of the game wasn't there?
STEVE NASH: I think we just get stagnant sometimes. Offensive rebounds, too, that gives some opportunities to get in the open court. I think it adds to us getting more stagnant.
We just have to cut out some of those things.

Q. You've been on a lot of teams. What is it about the resiliency about this team that makes it so unique?
STEVE NASH: We have I think tough-minded players who are unselfish, are sacrificing for each other. So, you know, if I know one thing, I know our team will be ready to play tomorrow.

Q. (No microphone.)
STEVE NASH: Yeah, I mean, I think everyone was frustrated, but nobody was distraught or feeling like they're in a deep hole.
I think everyone was feeling like we really should have had that one. We lost it. Let's get ready to play.

Q. Better to lose like that or a blowout?
STEVE NASH: I think eventually probably a blowout. But I think with this group, I think we'll be fine.

Q. You've been closer to winning there than they have here.
STEVE NASH: We feel like we can win there. Last night proved that. We got to hold serve at home and give ourselves a chance to get back and have a better crack at it.

Q. You've been in this situation before. Talk about the game on their part.
STEVE NASH: We just feel fortunate we got a chance to keep the series going. That's all we're thinking about, is having a great performance, squaring it back at three.

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