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May 27, 2010

Simon Gagne


Q. What kind of impact do you think Chris Pronger has had on this team? He has a lot of experience in the Finals and won the Cup a few years ago.
SIMON GAGNE: I think Chris brings a lot to our team. He's a veteran. He played big minutes for us every night, and he had experience to be where we are right now, twice, actually.
He's been on both sides. So that's a plus, I think, for us. And for a guy like me, I've been in the league now for 10 years, I never had a chance to be here. It's all new for me.
And for most of our team, it's new. So having Chris around, if it's going to help us to know what to expect and definitely is going to help to have him on the ice.

Q. Has it sunk in you guys are in the Finals? The flight out here, anything like that, sink in that you're in the Stanley Cup?
SIMON GAGNE: I think it just started, just getting here, to see all the media, the attention, and having to do that, now have a special place for each player, could be here for 90 minutes and answer questions and stuff like that.
So you realize that we're here right now and we're getting closer to Game 1.

Q. Now that you guys are here, a lot has been made that you guys barely made the Playoffs, and we know what you guys have been through. Is it good enough just to be here, or is it still unfinished business?
SIMON GAGNE: It's unfinished business. Yeah, we are happy with what we accomplished so far. But we still want more. We want the big trophy at the end. And now, like I said the other day, we've got two weeks left in our season, basically. And so we just have to put everything out there. And now we've got plenty enough time after that for rest.
So we won the big trophy in the end, and that's what we're here for.

Q. Coaching change mid-season, guys injured, get into the Playoffs the last day of the season on a shoot-out, down 3-0 in the series. Has it sunk in what you guys have accomplished to get here?
SIMON GAGNE: It's hard to believe a little bit. But we're here right now. You know what, from day one at training camp even with John Stevens, we had to believe the team was good enough to be where we are today.
And unfortunately we didn't have the start we wanted. We had a coaching change, having Lavi brought in a new system, and it took us a while to learn what he was trying to bring for that team.
But at one point you kind of see that everything would start to click as a team with Peter Laviolette's system, with the coaching staff. And from there we start to play some good hockey. Went back into the Playoff race, and now took us right to the last game of the season, even shootout, to clinch a Playoff spot.
So it's amazing, if you think about it. But the whole time we believe that team was good enough to be here.

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