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May 27, 2010

Mike Goodes


Q. What was working for you out there today?
MIKE GOODES: Drove it really good. Actually my irons were good too. I didn't make many putts, but I just played really solid the whole day. Didn't miss too many fairways or too many greens. I don't think I missed any fairways. I did miss one. I missed the third hole.
I just played solid. Probably think it could have been better, always do, but didn't putt very well. But I did make a couple anyway.

Q. What were some of the highlights of your round?
MIKE GOODES: The low light was the first hole. I 3-putted from about 20 feet. So that didn't get me off to a good start. But the third hole I knocked it over the green and chipped it in. Got it back to even.
Then I just kind of hit fairways and greens and fairways and greens and fairways and greens and finally made a putt on 13 for birdie to get to 1-under.
I birdied 15, the par-5 to get to 2-under.
Then I bogeyed 17. Knocked it over the green and didn't get up-and-down.
But I had a lot of birdie putts, not a whole lot of chances for bogey, a few, but pretty, just pretty steady.

Q. How do you feel your performance today sets you up for the rest of the tournament?
MIKE GOODES: Obviously it's afternoon and it's tough to play in the wind. I knew anything near par was good today, good this afternoon. So I just tried to play -- yeah, I think it's good. We play in the morning, we'll see how the conditions are in the morning. Hopefully they're calm like they were this morning. Hopefully we'll get two or three hours of some calm weather before the wind kicks up tomorrow. And if it doesn't, we'll play in the wind. But, yeah, I'm in good shape.

Q. What impact did the wind specifically have on your round today?
MIKE GOODES: It's hard to putt in it. You start rocking back and forth sometimes when a gust hits you. A lot of, I think they slowed the greens up a little bit in anticipation of it being real windy, they didn't want the balls just rolling off. It took me a while to get used to having to hit the putts harder because the practice rounds they were pretty fast and so they were a little different speed I thought today anyway.
But the wind it's just hard, you got to hit the ball really solid in the wind. And you can control it if you do. And that's what I was fortunate enough to do today.

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