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May 27, 2010

Fred Couples


FRED COUPLES: I hit a good second shot on 16 and made the putt. And then from there on from that point on I played 5-under. But up until then I had an iron into the par-5, 15, and then made a 10-footer for bogey. Another hole I was a hundred yards and didn't get a sand wedge to the green and 3-putted from off the green for a bogey.
But I got a lot of good breaks too. But basically I hit the ball pretty well. Better than I thought.

Q. You birdied two of the last three holes?
FRED COUPLES: I did, I birdied 7 and 8. So I played with Bernhard, he played an extremely good round. Fred also played well. Finished up at even. So we had a good group and we'll just go play tomorrow at 2:15, that's a weird tee time. It seems like maybe the wind will die down if it's blowing then.

Q. (Inaudible.)
FRED COUPLES: Yeah, I think anything under par. I can't look at what Bernhard's shooting or Robin Freeman, because it's the first round. But a 72 or a 73 still wouldn't be horrible. But to get under par and in the 60s is very good.

Q. How is the wind?
FRED COUPLES: The wind's hard. They moved the tees up a few. But the course played nice, but one thing I did, I drove it very well today. I hit most of the fairways and I hit it through the fairway on number, my third hole, the 12th hole and hacked it out and made bogey. But other than that I drove it well of the so if I can go out tomorrow and do that, I'll do all right.

Q. The wind, the elevation change, the altitude, how much different does that make it? Do you hit it a little further? Number 17 in particular. Did you hit it a little further than you thought you would?
FRED COUPLES: Yeah, we were trying to figure out what Joey hit to go in that bunker, that's kind of what you do, when you're standing around. I felt like he hit a 7-iron, maybe he did and mishit it, but I thought a 7-iron the whole time out that I was standing there and I just felt like if I pulled it a little bit and it didn't carry it would hit and go in that hazard.
And I could have hit it out to the right, but I thought that I was swinging okay and I hit a good shot, it just went so far. I didn't judge many good shots today. I birdied, I bogeyed the par-5, but then I went eagle, birdie, birdie on the other ones and really that was the whole round. You need to make a birdie or two out there, hopefully, and you're going to make some bogeys. But it's very hard. Even when I played at Castle Pines, even when I hit a good iron they never get near the flag. They're always long. And it's hard for me to stand there from 200 yards and hit a 7-iron or 8-iron. I physically can't do it and I never do it and I'm always on the back edge or over the greens and maybe tomorrow will be different, but when it's blowing and you're 220 yards and you have a 7-iron, in your mind it just doesn't wash no matter where you are. I never do it. One week. It's very hard for me to do that. Maybe some day I'll learn.

Q. (Inaudible.)
FRED COUPLES: Yeah. No, I'm very pleased. I started to feel a little bit better the way I was swinging yesterday. I wouldn't say my back's been great, but I feel better the way I swing. Sometimes my back doesn't feel good and I kind of baby it. Today I just went at it and hit it and got it around pretty well.

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