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May 27, 2010

Joey Sindelar


Q. How did your round go today?
JOEY SINDELAR: It was not a, not what I had hoped for today. 4-over. But if you don't have control of what you're doing on a golf course this tough in these conditions you're going to be over par.

Q. You've had success in Colorado in the past, how are you able, what adjustments to you make at altitude to play well?
JOEY SINDELAR: It's interesting, when we are here you have to have, it's an educated guess, how hot is it, how light is the air, it changes from morning to afternoon.
I think that through the years I've been pretty good at trusting the number that I come up with and not varying, because if you're, if you're standing on top of a hill at 200 and your math comes all the way down to 140, you better hit the 140 shot. You can't look up and have your eye say, wait a minute, that's 200, that, I can't do this, because then you fail anyway.
So you got to learn to have trust in whatever system you put together to figure out -- because it's not just the air, it's the elevation change, it's the physical drop in 30 or 40 feet on a shot, in the sink he will shot, plus the wind. So there's a lot of action.
When the wind's blowing like this, it's an educated guess a lot of the times. And the guys that you're going to see today have good scores had control of their golf ball and made some good guesses and made some putts.

Q. How do you feel this round sets you up for the rest of the weekend?
JOEY SINDELAR: Well, certainly not the dream start and I would have to really get crazy here to be in contention, but that's what the last two rounds are for.

Q. What adjustments are you going to make for tomorrow?
JOEY SINDELAR: None. Just practice. At our age, are you kidding? We do what we do. You just try to do it better. Just try to think a little clearer, come back out fresh tomorrow and say, hey, somebody shot 6-under out there, why not me? So we'll give it a whirl.

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