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May 27, 2010

Mark Wiebe


Q. (Inaudible.)
MARK WIEBE: I played nice. My hook cost me today. A good round for me today would have been even and had I not hooked it, I never hook the ball, so had I not hooked it I probably would have shot around even. I would have been tickled with that.

Q. (Inaudible.)
MARK WIEBE: It's a low one. And that's, yeah, it's not -- but it's not just my back, because it's on that nerve, my right calf is like, has a headache. The left side of my right calf.
So it's just kind of -- and then this morning to make things worse I'm hitting balls and I pop a rib out underneath my left shoulder blade. So I ran, I can't run that fast, but I went to the trailer and went in and said, guys, I can't take a deep breath, it's behind my shoulder blade. So they popped me back in. So I'm going, oh, this is great. This is really great.

Q. (Inaudible.)
MARK WIEBE: Oh, yeah, I don't like being hurt at all. But especially here. I mean, I played this course probably more than anybody. And yeah, I haven't played -- I played pretty good, I haven't hit it very good this year, so I was kind of ready to play very nice. And I've gone through enough of an emotional roller coaster for sure. Because I wasn't going to play. I couldn't play. And the shot allowed me to at least come out and play.

Q. You got a shot Monday?
MARK WIEBE: Yeah. I had one Thursday of last week so, a week ago today. But that didn't work.

Q. If this tournament hadn't been in Colorado would you have played it?
MARK WIEBE: I would have never played. I wouldn't have gone through all this just to go somewhere else. I'm only doing this because it's home. But honestly, my swing, I didn't hit it very good, but it didn't hurt a whole bunch today. The right calf is the aching one. That's the problem for me. I can't take enough medicine, I guess.

Q. How does it feel to play in your home state?
MARK WIEBE: It's huge or else I wouldn't have done it. I got two injections in my back and you can feel those needles going there and it's not a fun procedure, I can tell you that. But I kept thinking that the outcome was maybe I could play. So I was, I love playing at home. It never gets old.

Q. How nice is it for the Colorado players to play out here?
MARK WIEBE: Well I think it would be nice, it would be really nice for our guys to show up. But it's like any other tournament. I know this is a Major and I know it's Colorado, but I'm probably going to play in 26 events this year and this is one of the 26. And it's a huge tournament for me, but I can't -- I actually had, as much as I was hurting, I had fun, I was so excited to play. It was okay. It was nice to walk and to be able to walk because I've been hurt really bad.

Q. (Inaudible.)
MARK WIEBE: Oh, good for him, that's cool. Oh, I didn't know that either. I don't know anything. I don't ever see Loeffler. I never see him. So I'm happy for him. I'm stoked for him. That's great. I wanted to finish my round because in case I wake up tomorrow and I can't go, I wanted to at least finish today. So.

Q. What do you do?
MARK WIEBE: I take a Celebrex every day and I got all the junk in me from the injection, so it makes you a little jittery, I think. I told Clark on the last hole, my caddie, I was off the green and I was just taking a rescue for a little chip and run shot, which I hit up to a gimmie. But as I'm over there my right leg is just quivering. And it's because of the thing's on the right side and I stop and I go, oh my, this is not good. I had gone 17 and a half holes, can I at least finish, please. And I actually hit a great shot and made my putt. But you know your body's a weird thing and I'm just happy I got to finish at least one round.

Q. The guys from Colorado playing around today remind you what a great golf state this is the fans have always supported golf and you can tell that they wanted to support this?
MARK WIEBE: Well this is a start, isn't it. This would be, I think the Champions Tour would love to have a home here and love to have a tournament here in Denver once a year. I think we should promote that. And I think we're stand on a pretty good spot. So we'll see what happens. But I think that this is a great golf course. I'm a huge Ben Crenshaw fan. Huge. And this is a great golf course and I think that, like my tournament some guys bitch and some guys don't bitch. But all in all I think you are going to hear a lot of great comments.

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