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May 27, 2010

Robin Freeman


Q. What were some of the highlights of your round?
ROBIN FREEMAN: Putter, putter, putter. I am still trying to figure out this golf course. Where to hit it, which way the wind's blowing, how hard is it going to blow. How hard is it going into the greens.
I didn't drive it especially great today, I did okay but I didn't do it great. I got lucky a few times with my driver. And I played rather conservatively into the greens, but I putted absolutely fantastic. The best I ever putted I think for 18 holes in my life today. Truly. My, I got a new caddie on the bag here, a good friend of mine, and he helped me read the greens and he did it great all day. All I had to do was hit them where he told me to.
It was a good day on the greens basically.

Q. This is your first time at the TOUR Championship, right?

Q. What does it mean to set the course record?
ROBIN FREEMAN: It's a course record? I had no idea. Wow. No, actually it's nice. I played really well from my approach shots into the greens and then I putted really well. So it was very hard conditions, but it was a little calmer this morning so it was much easier to -- and they softened the greens a little bit and didn't get them quite as fast as they had. So it's a little easier to adjust, but it feels great to get in here with a 66.

Q. How do you feel for the rest of the week?
ROBIN FREEMAN: I feel good. I'm going to go work on my long game a little bit. My long game was not quite as good as it normally is and so I'll go work on that for a little bit and then I'm going to some time off the rest of the day and get ready for tomorrow.

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