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May 27, 2010

Dave Rummells


Q. Talk about the wind.
DAVE RUMMELLS: I knew when I got in I saw I had a great tee time and I said I got to take advantage of it they say the wind typically comes up by 10:00. So we had about seven holes where it was tolerable and then it got really tough the last 11 holes. So I was fortunate enough I played pretty decent today. I did make a couple minor mistake, one missed club, one 3-putt and I missed a real short birdie putt. But pretty much I did what I wanted to do.
I knew that there's probably going to be a few guys under par, but there always is, with what the conditions are. But the key was not to shoot myself out of it today. You just got to take advantage it have. Even though I'm first off in the afternoon tomorrow, because it's afternoon it's probably going to play two or three shots tougher. So I got to play a lot better tomorrow to shoot the same kind of score or better.

Q. Crenshaw yesterday talked about how to deal with the wind you don't have to follow the wind, but you have to be smart dealing with the wind. How do you gauge yourself in the wind?
DAVE RUMMELLS: That's a tough question because here it's like the wind's a little heavier, so the ball moves a lot more than normal. So you got to, each day you play you kind of learn from it. I only played two practice rounds so I got a little bit of an idea what it did.
So I just kind of learned on the fly, basically, I did have a local caddie the first day that helped me a lot. But the golf course is really set up hard. I don't really think it's designed for strong wind. Maybe 15 mile an hour or something, so there's some shots that it's just almost impossible to get the ball close to the hole. You got to try to get somewhere on the green and 2-putt. And the toughest part out here is your lag putting is very difficult. You got to deal with the wind, there's slopes, and so I normally I'm a great lag putter and I really struggled with the lag putting today in general.
I did make several five, six, 8-footers for my second putt, which would save my round basically. But it's a course that you just got to be super, super patient. And it's just, I mean it really, really tests you.

Q. That in itself is a good thing. You played in a lot of great championships?
DAVE RUMMELLS: Yeah, for some reason I've had good tournaments in PGA Championships before. I was on the TOUR, you know, I had a couple top 6s and I've been in the final group in the PGA two years in a row. So I had some experience with playing in PGA of America events. So I, that kind of gave me a little bit of confidence knowing that I played well before in some of those events. Because typically they don't set it up quite as hard as the USGA.
So I thought they did a good job of moving a few tees up today some of those long par-4s were in the wind and they moved it up several tees, so it definitely gives you a little bit of a chance.

Q. I hope this is a good sign for you in your career?
DAVE RUMMELLS: It's one of the hardest tours to get on. You got to take advantage of it when you get in an event.

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