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May 26, 2010

Steve Nash


Q. How do you carry this over, Steve, the feeling you've gotten in the last couple of games?
STEVE NASH: Well, we've just got to have a great attitude, a great mentality and go out there expecting to win a game.

Q. Some of the guys talked about I don't know if there was a change in the concerted effort, but the realization that Kobe's going to get his points, he's going to get his stats. But let's slow the other guys. Don't get disconcerted when Kobe's putting up big numbers.
STEVE NASH: Yeah, I don't know if we ever consciously didn't say we want to slow everyone down. We want to stop everyone, but sometimes you just can't stop Kobe. So we can't get discouraged.
He's playing as well as he's maybe ever played right now as far as I'm concerned, and he may continue to do that. But we've got to be really solid; we've got to be tough; we've got to win all the battles because they do have some match-ups and some talent that we don't have.

Q. What you said after the game about them being bigger than you are, some could make the argument that they're better. I can see where you're coming from, but when you first got here, you guys were playing San Antonio every year, Conference Finals on pretty even footing. I never heard you concede such a thing. Does it feel different now?
STEVE NASH: Yeah, I mean, I think this team's different. We're not as talented as some of the other teams, but we're deeper, we're better defensively, we're bigger.
We shoot the ball as well as we did before, but we don't have to rely on threes all the time. When we shoot threes really well, we're really difficult to beat, but we win a lot of games without relying just on threes or fast breakpoints.
We're more versatile, we're deeper, in some ways, we're obviously, better. But maybe not with the talent and explosiveness we used to have. I like our team against anybody. Even though, like I said, we're just a new team that's just built in the last six, seven months, we feel like we can win.

Q. After last season and the start of this season, do you have any feeling like, This could be my last stand, this could be our last stand?
STEVE NASH: People have come and asked me that for six years now (laughing). I mean, it's true. It might be, but can I always say I felt this way before and I'll feel this way next year, this is the only stand. It's now. And you just go for it now, and you worry about the future or the past later.
One day you'll look back and say, Well, I only had so many shots, you know. But as for now, I'm only worried about this year. We'll worry about next year next year.

Q. When you watch Goran turn in performances like he did last night in San Antonio, what are your thoughts when you're watching a guy who is supposed to replace you?

STEVE NASH: So proud of him, first of all. He had a rough year last year and came a long way from home. Didn't really get too much support, I guess is the word I'd use, for the first three or four months. So just really proud of him, and excited to see him grow.
I just want him to keep playing great, but keep getting better because I think he has a lot of potential to grow.

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