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May 16, 2010

Mike Richards


Montreal – 0
Flyers - 6

Q. Mike, you took the most dominant goalie in these Playoffs and made it look easy, on how?
MIKE RICHARDS: Oh, I don't think it was easy. We had a couple of bounces. We had a couple of really nice shots, and capitalized on the power plays that we were given. They came out strong, they controlled the play for the most part in the first period, and we were just opportunistic tonight.

Q. Do you think that there was a threshold that you overcame by beating Boston and kind of carried that into tonight's game? A threshold of confidence?
MIKE RICHARDS: I thought we had confidence, but I thought we started out slow. They came out hard. They had a couple days off, so they were probably a little bit more ready to play I guess. We just finished a couple nights ago.
But as the game went on I thought we got better, our power play was clicking tonight which ultimately got us the victory. You know, we were very opportunistic. We capitalized on a lot of our chances.

Q. Just to follow up, you guys also said yesterday that, emotionally, there wouldn't be a carryover, you were going to put that Game 7 behind you and go through tonight. Did that wear off really quickly tonight?
MIKE RICHARDS: Yes and no. I thought, like I said, we started slow. They came out hard, give them credit. Once we started making plays and moving our feet, we got the lucky bounce on the first goal, and capitalized on our power plays all night. Just made some good shots and took advantage of what we were given.

Q. A couple of the Canadiens said that they need to match your intensity and physicality. Is that something that you'd like to do all series? Did you feel like you could take advantage of them physically?
MIKE RICHARDS: Yeah, I mean, tonight t we wanted to come out and try to set the tone. And as the hockey game went on, I thought we got better at playing physical. I think in the first period I think we were overaggressive. We were running out of position for some hits and they were moving the puck well and kind of made us look silly at some points.
But I think in the second period we were more controlled, took the hits that were there, and didn't run out of position. Obviously, that's our game plan is to play physical.

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