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May 16, 2010

Peter Laviolette


Montreal – 0
Flyers - 6

Q. Really looked like the strategy going in was to be very, very patient on the shot selection, so to avoid, you know, all the blocks that they've had in the previous series. It seems like it worked for you.
PETER LAVIOLETTE: Are you talking about the first period or in general?

Q. In general.
PETER LAVIOLETTE: I don't know. I'm a believer the more you get at the net, the better chance you have at scoring. So certainly you want quality opportunities and quality chances, and we had some.
But I think there's room for improvement there, you know, with our attempts at the net. They had more at our net than we had at theirs. So I think certainly in the first period we need to do a better job.

Q. Overall to continue the momentum from Friday's Game 7 to pick it up a Game 1 win in this series. Talk about being able to get in that momentum and not having any letdown there?
PETER LAVIOLETTE: Well, there was a let down. The scoreboard didn't show it, but the first period was, you know, the first period was not good. I thought in the second period we came out and played better. We were more aggressive with our game and our approach to it. We were crisper with what we were trying to do.
Certainly we're glad to get, you know, the win and move on, but there's lots of room for improvement in our game.

Q. Game 1 is in the history books. What will the Flyers do to win Game 2?
PETER LAVIOLETTE: Well, I think we can be better in a lot of areas, certainly in our puck movement and our battles. Like I said, I think we need to generate more attempts at their net, more shots, more opportunities.
You know, I thought our penalty kill was good tonight. Our power play can be better. I thought Michael Leighton did a good job in net. He had to make some big saves early in the first period. There were some shots that came in, they were tricky. He had to breakaway and the rebound on the breakaway. There were some shots that came in from the points in the first period that were redirected and he came up with big saves.
So I thought Leights did a good job of bailing us out in the first.

Q. This team's been playing with a really intense edge now for five straight games. When you blow out a team like this at 6-0. Is it difficult to get them to keep that edge in Game 2?
PETER LAVIOLETTE: Game 2's going to be a battle. It really is, and that's why I said we're going to have to be better. It's easy to look at the score and think it was easy.
Montreal got here, you know, for a reason. Our team, we're going to have to play a better hockey game, especially in the first period, but even in parts of the second period. The third period was kind of a -- I don't know. Once you get up a few goals you, you sit back and play defense, it's hard for the other team to generate offense. It's almost like you're just killing time.
But when the game mattered and it was on the line, we need to do a better job.

Q. Can you talk about the play of JVR and Hartnell stepping up?
PETER LAVIOLETTE: I thought that JVR was a real bright spot for us tonight. Even in the first when some of us had trouble with our legs and getting going. JVR was excellent. That's two games in a row for him. He's trying to make plays out there.
Hartnell, again, being physical, being strong on the puck, scoring opportunities. You know, a couple of bright spots for us. They played, I thought they played well, you're right with that assessment.

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