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May 19, 2010

Joel Quenneville


SCHUYLER BAEHMAN: Questions for Coach Quenneville.

Q. Has Antti kind of reached a level that maybe you hadn't seen before at this stage, at this level? How much do you think that's doing for him?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: I think he's played very well. I think he's played well right from the stretch when he got the chance to play consecutive games at the end of the year. He seems to be progressing, handling all situations. We like the consistency. We like how big he is in the net. Rebound control has been excellent. He just welcomes the next challenge. Didn't get fazed by the situation at all. Just moves ahead.

Q. Have you ever had as a player, as a coach, a couple of great psych-out artists like Buff and Bolland getting in the heads of some of the stars?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: I think they're both really important players to our team. I think Buff had a real impact in the Vancouver series. In this series, as far as physically, he's tough to play against. When he gets in front of net, he's a big-body guy, that creates a lot of space. Tough to see around for the goalie, tough to defend if you're defending him.
You know, he creates a nice distraction for us. At the same time, he's playing with a couple guys that are pretty good around the net with him as well. It's worked out that that line has been contributing offensively and they're fine defensively as well.
Bolland has had the responsibility in the last series with the Sedins. He did a nice job against them. I think it's still early to forecast how it's going to play out here. At the same time, I think he welcomes that challenge, matchup assignments, matchup minutes. I think he's done a pretty good job here so far.

Q. You played a lot against Dale Hunter. Do you see a little bit of Dale in him?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: Yeah, Hunter, played against him; I was around him a little bit, too, as well. I have an appreciation for the competitor that he is, the ultimate warrior. Bolland has awareness around the puck, keeping himself in the play. He really is one of those players, offensively, defensively, that you might underestimate him, but he's pretty tricky with his hands, his anticipation as well. He keeps himself in the right areas all over the ice.
You know, I think Hunter the race might go way up when you compare the two. Give Hunter the lead in that department, but we appreciate what Bolland brings.

Q. Trying to get a road atmosphere for your team, put them up in a hotel, take them on a tour of Joliet State Prison?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: Nice to be home. That was a long road trip. Obviously very productive. We'll see, we're looking forward to getting home tonight, sleep in our own beds the next couple of days. But we'll see. I know we're excited about playing in the United Center come Friday. I am sure the enthusiasm, the building is going to be rocking. We're looking forward to that. I think it's important that we reestablish how we can take advantage of our home ice advantage.

Q. A lot of guys have talked about the camaraderie. Is there a way of replicating that at home?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: We'll do everything we can. I know getting this one day off here, not really a day off, traveling all day, but certainly getting back together tomorrow, kind of like the same in between games when we've been in San Jose.
You know, it's tough to put your finger right on it, exactly what the difference is. But certainly being away for so long, it will be nice to be home playing in front of our own fans.

Q. Patrick said they might have figured out how to win at home because of the success they had on the road, keeping things simple. Is that going to be the message the next couple of days?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: I think the importance of the next game, we need to win the game, is stress. I think the simplicity in our game really complements what we're doing to be effective. It's playing a more simple game. Don't have to try to create too much. I think we sometimes try to make one extra play and I think that can lead to the other team scoring the timely goal. That can be the difference.
But we did some good things on the road. I think we should always keep that in the back of our minds going into games, that's a recipe for being successful.

Q. Despite how successful it was, is there such a thing as too much male bonding?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: I never heard of that one (smiling).
But, anyways, I think these guys are probably fed up with the video games. I'm sure it's pretty competitive in there as far as who was the king of the hand-held games.
But certainly, you know, they're an extended family. They spent a lot of time together on this trip. I'm sure nobody was complaining. At the same time, I think winning makes it all worthwhile.

Q. Can you talk generally about goaltending, the fact that Niemi is still playing, Leighton? What is it about the position that allows someone to come out of nowhere and be as successful as they have? Is it just because there's so much great depth at the position or is it something else?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: I think you might have saw a lot of new goalies come in and get established as the No. 1 guy, pushing for more ice time. Eventually their teams got in. It's just a matter of getting a chance to play. I think everybody questions how they're going to be without any playoff experience.
I don't think it's too much different in your approach as a team. As goaltenders you shouldn't deviate too much from a regular-season game. You get in the net, you got to do what you do to be successful, you move on. You look at the next play, next situation, try to stop.
I don't think you try to put too much pressure on yourselves. These guys have all adapted along the way here. In Antti's case, he doesn't change his approach or demeanor at all no matter what the situation is. We expect him to continue on. That's the way he's been.

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