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May 20, 2010

Dany Heatley


Q. Do you want to start scoring more, now that the series is continuing on?
DANY HEATLEY: Yeah, you got to score goals. You know, I haven't had that many so far. Again, just trying to do the right things, create chances, make some good shots.

Q. Do you feel like you're getting your chances?
DANY HEATLEY: Yeah, I mean, getting shots, getting chances. Sometimes it goes in for us, sometimes it doesn't.
You know, got to find a way to score some goals.

Q. They're trying to contain you guys, also trying to irritate you.
DANY HEATLEY: I mean, you know, to tell you the truth, we've been mixing and matching. The people we're more concerned about when we're on the ice is the big boys, Kane and Toews. They're good with the puck, good offensively. You know, the other lines, we're kind of playing against them, we're playing against Madden. We're really playing against all four lines. Really doesn't matter what they're doing, it's what we're doing.

Q. Sometimes does the media make too much of the agitators on the other team?
DANY HEATLEY: It's fun for the media to have that line, agitators against offensive guys. Really it's four lines against four lines. Both coaches are trying to get matches. I'm sure they'll get more of the matchups they want here.

Q. Has a player ever gotten you off your game by talk?
DANY HEATLEY: No. Everyone likes to talk. I like to talk. I find it fun.

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