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May 20, 2010

Mike Cammalleri

Brian Gionta

Jaroslav Halak


Q. Mike, tell us about how important it was to score that first goal?
MIKE CAMMALLERI: Because we got it, I guess we'll say, yeah, you try and prepare yourself for the game either way. But I thought maybe even more so for the support of the fans and the crowd, and everybody to get into it and really start enjoying the night, and that momentum kind of helped us.
So it was nice for us to get one.

Q. Can you talk about the goal, I mean, the way it happened?
MIKE CAMMALLERI: Yeah, we were just trying to get the puck to our "D", and get the pucks on net, and get people, and get traffic to the net and start banging and crashing away a little bit. The puck jumped out from me. Good poise by the point men, and good battles in front by my line mates and the puck just popped out to me.

Q. For all the talk before the game of getting traffic in front of Leighton, I'm wondering how much of a factor that was, and whether or not it was maybe a little more important that you guys used your speed and really stretched out the ice tonight with a lot more stretch passes and using your speed and skill rather than crashing the net as they say.
BRIAN GIONTA: Yeah, for sure. I mean, I think it's overall, it's everything. We moved the puck much better tonight. We came up with support all together. We entered their zone a lot better tonight. Our forecheck was good.
So when all that's going, it's a lot easier to get the traffic to net. Get good shots, good opportunities. Obviously, we started to do that in Game 2, and it paid off in the game tonight.

Q. Jaro, you've been the main topic of conversation throughout these Playoffs, but could you talk about the way your team played in front of you, and specifically your defense led by Roman Hamrlik?
JAROSLAV HALAK: Well, you know, I think that was the first game after a while where when we outshot the opponent, we won. I mean, it was huge. Especially from the beginning, you know, we needed to get the first goal, and we got it. And everybody was skating hard out there and doing their job.

Q. Could you just talk about you talked about getting the first goal, but how important was it to keep going and add to that lead and not take the foot off the pedal?
BRIAN GIONTA: Yeah, for sure, I think that's huge. I think at times this year we've gotten ourselves into trouble when we've gotten the lead and sat back, and tonight I thought we did a good job, especially going into the third three goals. Obviously, they scored a quick goal, and it could change the whole outcome at third period. But we kept pushing, we kept forechecking, and we're a much better team when we're doing that.

Q. Just the relief of knowing the questions, maybe not even knowing the questions are over, but to score that first goal. Gomez was talking about just everybody just loosened up after that to know that we can beat this guy.
MIKE CAMMALLERI: Yeah, you know, get me wrong, it felt good, and we needed to score. We needed to score to win. But I think the result really drives the talk. So I think we did some things okay in the last game too. I think we lose 3-0, and it's our second game without scoring. So for everyone in this room and for everybody watching it's a big deal, and it's something to really talk about.
But for us, we like the way we play, and we thought the goals were going to come. So it's big for us, don't get me wrong. But I just think that so much is made of the result that ends up determining the way you guys analyze the game. Sometimes for us it's more important to worry about how we're playing than scoring the goal. The goal goes in and it helps, but we know it's coming.

Q. How can you qualify the work of Moore, Pyatt, and Lapierre for you tonight?
MIKE CAMMALLERI: The goals, it's key. We've said it all along. For us to get where we want to go, we're going to need contribution through our lineup, not only defensively, but offensively. I don't think any team's probably ever won a Championship without contributions through the lineup. And so big goals tonight, and they helped a lot, so good inspirational effort by those guys.

Q. Philly plays a different hockey game than Pittsburgh or Washington. Can you use that game tonight for a blueprint for the rest of the Series?
BRIAN GIONTA: I think that's what we're working towards. Can you pretty much write off Game 1, but Game 2 we were starting to get back to what we wanted to do. Then tonight we executed a lot better what we wanted to do. It was a build off of Game 2.
So I think they're a hard working team, hard forechecking team, so you've got to move the puck quick and make sure that your forecheck and their "D", making their "D" work in turn and go back for the puck all night. I thought we did a good job of that tonight.

Q. Jaro, at one point Mike Richards kind of got in your crease, and there's a little bit of distractions. How do you deal with distractions like that and get yourself back in the game after something like that?
JAROSLAV HALAK: This is playoffs. Obviously, they want to crash the net, they want to go in the crease, they want to get me out of the game, and we do the same thing. You can't let that affect you. He pushes you, you push him back. But this is part of the Playoffs, and everybody's trying to get under the goalie's skin.

Q. You guys seemed, I don't know if more willing is the word, but certainly more physical and more aggressive than we saw in the brief games. Did that make a difference tonight?
BRIAN GIONTA: I think that comes back to our timing. Kind of what I was talking about. Coming up together, coming up in the neutral zone. We're able to forecheck, you're able to get in there and get a hit before they get rid of the puck.
So it comes, you know, along with your game. When you're playing good, when you're playing on your toes and forcing plays, you're able to get up and get those hits or be first on the puck and be able to win those battles.
MIKE CAMMALLERI: That's a good answer (laughing).

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