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May 20, 2010

Jacques Martin


Q. We noticed today that PK Subban is now in the stall that Andrei Markov had. Is there any significance to that?
COACH MARTIN: No, no significance to the change in the stall, no.

Q. What is the most important thing you can add to your game to score goals?
COACH MARTIN: Can you repeat the question?

Q. Yes, what is the most important thing can you add to your game to score goals?
COACH MARTIN: Well, I think that first of all, when you analyze the first two games, we need to get our specialty team back top the level of performance that they delivered in the first two series. I think in the first series against Washington, that was the determining factor as well as our goaltending. Our power play got a power-play goal every game except one game and, the penalty killing only allowed the one goal.
In the Pittsburgh series, it wasn't as dominant. Actually, the special teams games was won by the Pittsburgh Penguins, but we won the five-on-five part of the game, and goaltending was also a factor.
So in this series, so far, that's been the difference in the two games. They've scored power-play goals. We haven't scored, and we haven't done the job penalty killing, so we know that, and I think we need to focus on our strengths. When you focus on your strength, you definitely need to have a net presence, but you also need to focus on your strength as a team.

Q. When a team is having difficulties scoring goals, how tangible a weight is there that comes off a team's shoulder when's you do score one? You get the first goal, how much weight does that take off your team?
COACH MARTIN: I think that it does, but I think the focus also, if your focus is just on scoring goals, that's a result. And I think it's easy to miss the boat. To me, you've got to focus on the process. Scoring goals is a result of doing things on the ice. And I think our focus is going to be on doing the right things on the ice, and the goals are going to come.

Q. There's been a lot of talk about getting traffic in front of the net, going to the net. But what has prevented you guys from doing that in the first two games? Is it a mental thing of guys being intimidated or physical thing of getting boxed out around the net?
COACH MARTIN: No, I think that that's a technical aspect. At times we've had good presence in front of the net, other times we haven't. It's a matter of timing, and it's a matter of recognizing how they play in their defensive zone and exploiting that.

Q. Peter Laviolette seemed very comfortable with the match-up of Gill and Richards in the home games in Philadelphia. Do you plan to perhaps move Gill against a Briere line which is probably a more problematic line right now?
COACH MARTIN: I don't think the match-ups has been an issue. I think that our defensive, when you look at the five-on-five part of the game, there hasn't been any difference there. Like the difference in the two first two games of the series have been special teams. So it hasn't been five-on-five.
When I looked at the five-on-five play, the Flyers haven't got the chances that Pittsburgh got or Washington got five-on-five. So our match-ups are fine. We just need to improve our overall play.

Q. You've had a very confident team, certainly it appear that's way in every situation so far. At what point does that start to wain a little bit, or have you noticed that after not scoring for two games that's maybe a bit of an issue right now you have to deal with?
COACH MARTIN: I don't think so. I think that our group has been -- has been good at recognizing areas that have been deficient, and I think understand what areas we need to be better. And I think our group is a resilient group.
I mentioned before, both series before we were in trouble at times, and we found a way to overcome it. Now we're being challenged, and I think our guys are ready for the challenge. We're excited about playing tonight's game in front of our fans, back home after being on the road for three games. We want the game -- we want the challenge that's in front of us tonight.

Q. In the past two rounds you've gone with seven "D" on numerous occasions through injury or whatever. What do you like about that set-up when you've used it?
COACH MARTIN: Well, it takes some time. It's a matter of using our personnel because of the loss of an individual like Markov, we've lost an individual that plays on both special teams.
So sometimes to have seven "D", a guy like Bergeron brings up power play specialty, a guy like O'Byrne can be used on the penalty killing, so that gives us a little more flexibility on the back end, gives us a little more of a physical presence as well.

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