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May 21, 2010

Jacques Martin


Q. I wonder if you could explain to me your team's resilience in each series. At one point it looked like you were in big trouble, and then your team comes back with a big win. How does that happen?
COACH MARTIN: Well, we've had enough practice (laughing). You know, basically since the Olympic break, we've been playing desperate hockey, and similar situation for the Flyers. When you look at, both teams made the Playoffs on their last game of the regular season. Both teams have faced elimination in their previous Playoff rounds, both teams have shown a lot of resiliency.
So I think it speaks for the character of the players in the room and the leadership in the room.

Q. Are there things about Mike Cammalleri that surprise you? Not necessarily what he does on the ice, but maybe his personality and sort of the person that he is maybe that surprised you once you got to know him?
COACH MARTIN: Well, I can't say I was surprised, because I think I knew about Mike quite a bit through a colleague of mine that coached him before and spoke very highly of him as a person, as an individual, and as an individual that is kind of a perfectionist, really pays attention to details, really focuses on getting better all the time. He will do what's required to look after himself, whether it's nutrition, whether it's fitness, all those things. He's a player that's really dedicated to making himself better.

Q. What did you learn from your Ottawa experience that's helped you here in Montreal?
COACH MARTIN: Well, I think Ottawa or wherever you are, you, I think you always learn from your past experience, and I'm a firm believer that you can't buy experience. You've got to live through it. A lot of times through adversity you learn a great deal.
The one thing I know here is that I think I have a great cast of support. I think like an individual, like Bob Gainey for instance, is very helpful. I remember talking with Ken Hitchcock, and I remember Ken telling me how much a factor he was when they won the Cup in Dallas, and to me that's why Bob's been around the team since we started the Playoffs, and he has a different outlook on games, brings different ideas. He's been a big help.
The coaching staff has been outstanding. It's everybody. It's really a great team chemistry. And I think I've said it before, I felt that our leadership here has been a big factor, not to knock down the leadership in Ottawa, because I had good leadership there.
But it's a different leadership from the standpoint that people like Gionta, Gomez, Travis Moen, Hal Gill have won the Cup, and they've won through the process, and I think these individuals have been really helpful to the team in these times.

Q. Just on that, did you ever ?? in Ottawa you were criticized. I remember in Ontario they said Jacques doesn't make adjustments, and you've made a lot of adjustments in the first three rounds so far. Did you ever doubt yourself as a coach sometimes that maybe you aren't able to make those proper adjustments? Are you happy that you're getting that chance now?
COACH MARTIN: No, I never doubted myself. I think we made adjustments, and it's a different situation, different times. I don't feel that maybe I need to tell you that I'm making adjustments. What's important to me is our players and our team. I mean, that's what I work for.
I think, hey, I really enjoyed my years in Ottawa. They were great. I was there a long time, and that's past. This is a new experience. You're in a business where you're ?? you either get criticized or like to me that's not important. What's important is to be focused on our task and to attack our challenge with some confidence and some persuasion that you can be successful.

Q. Aside from the home?crowd advantage, have you been able to take advantage of the fact that you have last change? Did that factor into last night's game?
COACH MARTIN: Well, that makes it easier. I think there's no doubt that that's a factor. But I'm a firm believer, and I think a lot of coaches are, your best players have to be able to perform against challenge. You know, I've never been a coach to pull my players off to make a change. When you're at home, you can make it a little more difficult for the opposition.
But our own fans, I think, are a big factor. I think they're the loudness of the building. I think they really help our guys' performance. .

Q. Where do you stand on momentum? Can you carry it over into tomorrow, or do you have to reestablish it?
COACH MARTIN: Well, I think you have to probably reestablish it. I think it changes in the game even from game to game. I think that we've got to be prepared to be better tomorrow.

Q. You were mentioning before about the resilience of the team, and your team has gone to the well very often since the Olympics, essentially. How much would that concern you that you're always playing in the situation where it's kind of do or die?
COACH MARTIN: That's life. It's not just hockey. I mean, you look at the business world today. A lot of businesses are in those situations. I think sports, that's what makes sports so interesting, and that's what makes athletes ?? that's what makes the mark of certain athletes, to be able to perform under these conditions. The more individuals that you have that could excel under pressure, then the better team you become.

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