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May 21, 2010

Joel Quenneville


SCHUYLER BAEHMAN: Questions for Coach Quenneville.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about bringing the road mentality maybe to home to have more success at the United Center?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: Well, I think the discipline of keeping the game simple, check first mentality. You don't have to try to make the extra play or the pretty play. Staying with that kind of mindset throughout the game.
Some of the games here we got behind early, I think we tried to get it back too quickly. I think that the same simple approach that we've had on the road with a lot of energy and playing hard, being hard to play against is all part of it.
I think a check first and a simpler mentality helps.

Q. Just talk about John Madden's roles on and off the ice.
COACH QUENNEVILLE: You really notice his presence around the team, in the locker room, on the bench. His experience of being in the situations before certainly helps us and helps the group as well.
I just think he's really showing and talking, whether it's telling the guys the right things that are needed. I just think in all situations throughout these playoffs, I think his presence comes in at the right time. I think his play on the ice has been really solid. That line has been effective. Given us energy in his faceoffs, killing penalties. His timely presence around the team has been very appreciated.

Q. Todd and a bunch of other players admitted after you guys scored first, they lost a lot of energy, took a lot time to get it back. Did you notice that? If you score first here tonight, do you think it's even more apparent because you could do it at home and the crowd can help that happen?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: You never know. I thought they really had the play, a lot of momentum in the first part of that game. That first 10 minutes, we got through it. But scoring first I think really helped our game, to get going as well.
Every game's different. Obviously scoring first is important. Starts of the games are critical a lot of time to the outcome. Tonight we want to make sure we take advantage of being at home. But then again, we don't want to make sure that we have to play that pretty game.

Q. Could you use a little bit more offensively out of Marian Hossa?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: Well, I would like to see him put that one in at the end the other night. Certainly I think his play has been very effective. That line has been useful in a lot of ways. His responsibilities with the puck and without the puck really complement our team game. I know we always like to have everybody productive and scoring at a high rate. But, you know, I just think that he does so many things that are useful to us as a team, if he breaks out at any time, you know, that would be a bonus, it would be great for us.
I think he's close to having that type of game. At the same time he does everything else just the way you want.

Q. How much of a difference can small distractions be or make at home? Is that why the team is checking into a hotel today?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: We try to do something different. I think we've tried some different things. We've all been in different situations where we've gone the night before at the hotel, had today at the hotel as well, being at home. A lot of teams have been sequestered, then all of a sudden they're there for the whole playoff run, home or away.
I think we've tried it all, been in all different situations. Seems like the way things have gone here at home, we just try to do something different, keep the focus hopefully in the right place.

SCHUYLER BAEHMAN: Thank you very much, coach.

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