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August 16, 2002

Gloria Park


LAURA NEAL: Gloria, thanks for coming in. I know you said it was a boring round. She had all pars and then finished with a birdie on nine. Maybe just go over that and tell us about your round a little bit.

GLORIA PARK: Okay. Today I just had 17 pars and then one birdie on hole number nine. And I hit my driver and I hit my 5-wood, tried to hit the right side of the bunker and kind of run it up to the green. So I hit a really bad shot. And then I ended up short of the bunker. And I was right next to the -- someone hit it there before and I hit it there with my pitching wedge to like 40 yard shot and then kind of bump and run shot and then it hit the pin and then I made a birdie there. And today I hit a 27 putts. So yesterday I didn't hit very good shots today but I made a really good up-and-downs today. And I missed about three, four birdie chances today early in the round. And then couple in the back nine. So that's all about it.

LAURA NEAL: Considering the winds and the fact you haven't been feeling well you must be pretty pleased with where you stand right now.

GLORIA PARK: Yeah, just today after the hole number probably 7 or 8 it started being really windy. It the wind started picking up and then was really strong. And then yesterday I almost pulled out the tournament because I had a really bad cold and sinus. And I just couldn't walk the fairway. I couldn't really. I kind of really almost think about pulling out and I really don't want to play. But once I started playing, I just feel like I just got to keep it going and then I made couple putts there yesterday and then couple good shots and a couple poor shots yesterday too, but I made some pretty good shots yesterday. So also today I made a really good up-and-down. So I like on long par-4s and stuff so I'm really pleased with where I stand.

LAURA NEAL: Questions? Any questions for Gloria? I'm shocked. Okay. Thank you.

GLORIA PARK: All right. Thanks.

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