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May 23, 2010

Jacques Martin


Q. Scott Gomez was just saying he's finally heard about the Flyers complaining about the skate issues and the sand traps allegedly in the hallway or whatever the heck it is, the crazy complaints in the Stanley Cup Playoffs?
COACH MARTIN: I'm not sure it was the Flyers, because my head equipment individual mentioned to me today that the Flyers head equipment guy said it wasn't that. I think what it is is the level of competition and because of the new sticks. Guys step on sticks and just it affects the blade. I know one time we had two centers, both Scott and Dominic Moore, who were in the dressing room getting their skates re-sharpened.

Q. Do you sometimes long for the return to wooden sticks? You've seen them explode when guys are taking slap-shots and they break on passes when they're barely tapped and you get slashing penalties called.
COACH MARTIN: Yeah, it's unfortunate, but I won't hold my breath going back. They're so light and players like that. But definitely, as you mentioned, at times it's frustrating because of how easily they break at key times.

Q. One of the things the Flyers did yesterday was put a bunch of towels between the bench and the locker room. You guys make sure you got towels down and keep an eye on where they're stepping?
COACH MARTIN: No, I don't think that's an issue.

Q. In the Pittsburgh Series we talked a little about the element of fear when you go into a Game 7. You guys have been in now this will be your sixth elimination game. Do you worry about that sort of fear and nervousness? Do you mind that they have a little bit of it? Where do you think this team's at given their experience?
COACH MARTIN: Well, I think the nervousness is a good nervousness. I think that we're well aware of what's going on in this Series, and I think we know what we need to do; and it's about us doing the things that we need to do to have some success.

Q. Why do you think the first goal in the Series has had such a dramatic impact? It's always important in the Playoffs, but in this Series it seems the first goal has really dramatically changed every game?
COACH MARTIN: You know, I think you always go into the game with the intention of scoring the first goal. But, you know, it just happens that the team who scores first has been able to stay in the lead. First of all, there hasn't been a lot of power plays in this Series; and second of all, at this time of the year in the Playoffs at this stage both teams check well, and I think it's that kind of games.

Q. Do you expect to have Pyatt tomorrow?
COACH MARTIN: It will be a game time decision. I don't know how he will be.

Q. The message you'd impart to your team tomorrow, will it be more philosophy or Xs and Os? At this point in the season, is it just reminding guys they have to do the little things or is it a lot of technical things that need to be addressed at this point?
COACH MARTIN: No, I think the things that need to be addressed were addressed in the off days as far as the X and Os. I think we know what's at stake. Players don't need much. I mean, we've been there before. We know how we have to compete, and just be prepared and enjoy the moment.

Q. Is there a little bit of a "here we go again" for you? I mean, it's one thing for the players to be in a do-or-die situation the sixth time in a row. But how is it for the coach? Do you approach it the same way?
COACH MARTIN: Yeah, the same way. You're part of the team. You're part of the group. We know what our strengths are, and we just have to go out and play.

Q. Do you get nervous before a game like this, or do you get nervous before every game?
COACH MARTIN: Oh, you get a little nervous, but the more you've been around, I guess, the less nervous you get. But I think it's been exciting. It's been really enjoyable. You know, you just want to continue the journey.

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