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August 17, 2002

Gloria Park


NEAL REID: Okay. Let's go over your scorecard real quick, birdies and bogeys.

GLORIA PARK: Yeah, hole No. 2 I bogeyed there. And then did you, do you want me to explain it?


GLORIA PARK: I hit my driver, tried to hit it over the bunker. And then it didn't get through. And then I was on downhill lie. I hit my 5-iron, a 6-iron to the green. And I was a little short. And then I tried to get up-and-down there and I missed the putt. I left it short there.

And hole number three I hit my driver okay and then I hit my second shot 3-wood really bad to the right. And I hit my 8-iron, I pulled it to the left. And then I had a really long downhill putt and I 3-putted there.

NEAL REID: How far was your par putts on the first one --

GLORIA PARK: Oh, it was about three feet, I think. Three feet.

NEAL REID: On one and two or? On No. 2.

GLORIA PARK: No. 2, it was like six feet. Yeah.

And hole number four I hit my driver okay. I hit my second shot okay up to the green. And then I have like 25 feet away. And then I hit first putt a little bit short. But I missed the second one just like two, two and a half feet. I just missed it. I missed the par putt there.

And then I birdied hole number five. I hit my 3-wood and hit 5-iron, I hit 4-iron in there. A little 4-iron to the green. And it was three feet. I made a birdie.

And hole number five -- hole number six I hit my 6-iron to the green and it was about 25 feet away and I made a birdie there.

Then hole number seven, I made a putt there.

On number 8, par-3, I hit my 7-iron, tried to control shot there. And then I left it short. It was about 30 feet away and I made a birdie there.

And hole number nine I hit my driver and the 5-wood to the green and then I 3-putted, birdie.

And hole number four, I bogeyed. Which was hit my 5-wood to the fairway. And hit my 5-iron, I hit it fat. And then I left it short, didn't get up to the green. And then I hit a bad first shot and then I 2-putted from the fringe. And hole number 14, I hit my driver okay. And then I tried to lay up with 8-iron and then hit my pitching wedge, it was down wind. And then I tried to spin it too hard. And then it kind of hit the wind and it spin too much back off the green. And then I didn't get up-and-down there. So I made a bogey.

NEAL REID: How far was your par putt on 14?

GLORIA PARK: It was about 15 feet. I think. It was kind of lipped out there, so.

NEAL REID: What about on 12? How far was your par putt there?

GLORIA PARK: Oh, I didn't get on to the green. I was just off the green. It was like, I would say, 40 feet, maybe. Yeah.

NEAL REID: How do you feel going into tomorrow?

GLORIA PARK: Well, I started really bad today. And I just -- I wasn't like one day I woke up in the morning and I just didn't feel comfortable at all. That's when I address the ball, I feel something wrong with it. And then I was like that today with my swing a little bit and then my putting. Especially my putting just pulled me down earlier today. And I think -- and then I tried to fix it. I got up quite tomorrow I know I got to play tomorrow so I just keep trying to forget about the technique and just do the right routine. And do what I did the last two days. So it worked out pretty good. I made a really long putt today on hole number six and eight. So, which is that saved me a lot. And I think I played okay rest of the round. And still one day to go tomorrow, so hopefully I will make couple putts and then swing better tomorrow and then see what happens.

NEAL REID: Questions?

Q. Is it a deception for you to leave the field with minus three because during the success you had on the first nine your putting was on fire. Your putter was on fire on the first nine. Are you happy with your position right now or do you feel that you could have been a little bit better?

GLORIA PARK: It always, like I said, a couple of the pars it should be like I should have better. Because it should be something less in there. But I think I'm pretty happy with it today. Because I started really bad and then I was thinking, oh, today is going to be horrible day. And it's over now. And I said that. But I hang in there pretty good. And I'm still in good shape, I think. And you never know what is happening tomorrow. And then I don't know what's going to be like weather should be nice or not. But hopefully just I think you have to be patient because the golf course is so tough. I think you have to be hitting the fairway and I have to be in the right spots to be making the birdie. So I'm going to try best I can do.

Q. You are just three strokes back from the leader. Do you feel it's easy to lose three strokes around here? For the leader to lose that tomorrow on that course?

GLORIA PARK: Well, the golf course is really tough. Especially the rough. And it's really, you will make bogeys and stuff from the rough. And a couple of the holes, fairways are really narrow. And I think that it's -- I have a chance -- I don't know who is going to come up and play good. But I have a chance to be out there.

NEAL REID: Okay. Thank you very much.

GLORIA PARK: Thank you.

End of FastScripts....

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