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May 24, 2010

Claude Giroux


Q. Claude, you beat the Devils up in New Jersey to close out that Series, you beat Boston in 7 up there. How nice would it be to win a Series and to do it in front of a crowd like this and have them celebrate, obviously, to get a trophy and to have that feeling?
CLAUDE GIROUX: Yeah, it would be pretty amazing. I think the crowd would love it. I'm pretty sure they're pretty excited right now for tonight's game. If we can finish the Series 5 tonight, it's going to be huge. Chicago just finished the Series, so we're going to do everything we can to win tonight and not give them a chance to come back in the Series.

Q. You're a young player, this is your first time in a situation like this where you're that close. How do you feel about just focusing on tonight and not thinking about it? Is it tough not to think ahead? Veteran players have been through this, it's different.
CLAUDE GIROUX: Yeah, actually yesterday I was thinking about it. I was looking at the big picture and winning the Stanley Cup. I told myself not to really think about that. Just got to go game by game, and I think that's one of the reasons why we're here. Now we just focus on the game we have in front of us, and we're not looking at the big picture. I think if we keep doing that, just put all of our energy in that next game, I think it's huge. I think we should keep thinking like that.

Q. Did you ever anticipate the team being in this position four months ago? And if so, why?
CLAUDE GIROUX: Well, we do have a pretty good team. It's just we weren't winning any games in the regular season. It went down to the last game of the season. So I can't really say I knew it was going to happen. But I know we started playing well at the end of the season and started the Playoffs, so any team makes the Playoffs, they've got a chance to win. Yeah, you've just got to make sure you get in the Playoffs if you want to get a chance to win.

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