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May 24, 2010

Daniel Briere


Q. It's a lot easier for this team to really want to end it tonight knowing that we know right away who the opponent is. We can start preparing. It's a little bit different if the other Series keeps going.
DANNY BRIERE: Well, I mean the one thing we don't want to do is look past Montreal. We can't control what happened on the other side. We'll deal with that once it's all over. I really don't want to start looking past Montreal. There is one big, tough game left to win for us. Hopefully it's tonight. That's what we're focusing on. But like I said, the focus is all on tonight, on Montreal. We know they're going to come out desperate. We don't expect them to sit back and just roll over. They haven't done it in the previous two Series, and we expect the same from them tonight, so we know it's going to be tough.

Q. Across the board, players and coaches, what is it about that fourth game that makes it so hard to win? Is it the other team's desperation, or is it just the situation?
DANNY BRIERE: A lot of it is from the other team's desperation. We saw it in our last Series against Boston, when we got to that point there is no way we were going to just roll over, like I said earlier. Even in Game 7, we were down 3-0 in the first period, and we still found a way to claw back into the game. So I think it's mostly desperation from the one team that they know there is no tomorrow. If you lose, you're going home. At this stage, we've worked so hard to get to this point that nobody wants to leave and go home. We expect the same from the Montreal players tonight.

Q. Do you expect this crowd to be as loud as it's ever been?
DANNY BRIERE: I expect the crowd to be pretty wild tonight, knowing the situation that we're in. I mean, it's been a while since they the Flyers have been in this position, so I expect the fans to help us in that department, definitely.

Q. How has this team been in terms of avoiding distractions? Obviously, you guys have had a myriad of injuries that you have had to deal with; but in terms of doing what you've had to do, taking care of business, letting a lot of the outside stuff stay on the outside, how has this team been?
DANNY BRIERE: It's funny how I look at our team now, and it just feels like this is business. This is what we've been preparing this whole season for. It just feels like there've been a lot of obstacles. There've been injury situations during the year that have put us in all kinds of different emotions at times, and playing well, and not playing well, and the coaching change, and there's been so much distractions. 2 But since we started the Playoffs, it feels like everything has turned around. The focus has been strictly on the game, that next game. So I don't expect anything to change tonight or hopefully moving on.

Q. God Bless America by Kate Smith, do you guys notice it or pay any attention to it? Research shows you're 7-1 when she sings. I'm sure that has a lot to do with it.
DANNY BRIERE: You know what it is, I think it's mostly the atmosphere that it builds inside the building. How crazy the fans get, and that energy that we're able to build off of it. I think that's mostly what it does. You know, the building gets crazy, and we get fired up to start the game.

Q. It's pretty cool?
DANNY BRIERE: Oh, it's amazing. It's so much fun to see the crowd go nuts like that and to start screaming. You have chills everywhere on your body. There is no better feeling to start a game.

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