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May 15, 2010

Mike Cammalleri


Q. How does it feel to be mentioned in the same breath as Guy LaFleur?
MIKE CAMMALLERI: Oh, I don't really know what to even say about that. It's those guys, the excellence that they had, the winning, and the tradition, and everything they've done - not only Montreal but hockey - I don't think you should mention it in the same breath. It's just one of those things.

Q. What's been the difference for you?
MIKE CAMMALLERI: Our team. It's always about team play. The guys making good plays and making plays where I end up putting the puck in. It's them making the plays.

Q. What do you expect from the Wachovia Center crowd tomorrow night?
MIKE CAMMALLERI: Someone said to me today in the room that had played there (and I won't mention names) but wait until you hear some of the stuff that's being said. So I expect them to be an excited, rambunctious group. Their team has played really well, and they did something exceptional in the last series.

Q. Both of you guys have been underdogs in your respective series in this point. Who is the underdog now?
MIKE CAMMALLERI: I don't know that one or the other is. I guess we're the 8 seed and they're the 7, so I guess we are a little bit. But it should be exciting.

Q. Has there ever been anything that you've heard at the Wachovia Center that's made you laugh? Some players say there is something so outrageous and so out there that fans stay awake nights on end looking for something?
MIKE CAMMALLERI: I look forward to it. I'm sure they won't disappoint. But for me I haven't had that much experience playing there. I've been in the West most of my career, so it's been few and far between.

Q. Time off, game situation. Has it helped you guys a little bit just to gather your breath and sort of come down? After the first series, after Washington, you guys had no time at all to get ready for Pittsburgh, and the result of Game 1 wasn't what you wanted. Does having a little more time after the Pittsburgh series help you to refocus?
MIKE CAMMALLERI: Let's hope so. We're going to take the positive out of it either way. So we had a couple of days here to get some practice and maybe get some rest under us and get some good sleep, and let's hope that helps us here at the combining of this series. Like you said, last series we didn't get the Game 1 that we'd like to, and maybe things change this series.

Q. Did you think you'd be playing Boston right now? And are you amazed at what the Flyers were able to do?
MIKE CAMMALLERI: I think when it was 3-0 in the series, you had to think that Boston might be the team advancing on that side to the finals here. Then when it was 3-0 in the first period, you had to think everybody that knows hockey knows it's never over until it's over, but you had to think their chances were better. But once again, hat's off to Philly for the job they did.

Q. Is this the most confident you've felt in your career?
MIKE CAMMALLERI: Confidence is kind of a relative term, it gets thrown around in many different ways. But I feel good. I feel healthy. I like our team. I like the way we're playing as a group. I think we're improving. So that feels good-

Q. You just said what the Flyers did was exceptional. Your team has defeated a number 1 team. Do you feel that's just as exceptional?
MIKE CAMMALLERI: I don't know how you rate one or the other. That's for the media to talk about.
But we think it was great what we've done so far. And, like I said, they deserve some credit for what they did as well. I think both teams probably feel like they've done some good things, and neither team wants to be the team that doesn't make it to the Finals.

Q. If your team reached the point that you're just as comfortable playing on the road? You won two Game 7's already?
MIKE CAMMALLERI: They're Game 7's, so they're kind of their own animal. I don't know off the top of my head what the record is, but we have found somewhat of a comfort zone in our game on the road, and it will be a challenge these two games here. We expect a lot out of them, and we'll have to play our best.

Q. Will your goaltender be the key in this series for you guys?
MIKE CAMMALLERI: Goaltending tends to be a key always. And we've come to expect him to play very well, and we need them to play very well.

Q. Do you think there's something to be said for teams playing he elimination games even before the Playoffs start as you did and the Flyers did?
MIKE CAMMALLERI: Maybe, you know. I once again I don't know the history if you look back at it. But there are two ways of looking at it. When you're in the situation, you take the positive out of it either way. So the fact that you had to play those games coming in, you say, yeah, it helped us, we had to play those games. We're in playoff mode already. Ready to go.
If you come in comfortably you would probably say the opposite. No, it's better to get the rest. So teams will take it either way. In the West it's been one way so far this year, in the East it's been the other. I don't know the answer to that.

Q. Sometimes players tend to seek insulation from all of the extraneous distractions in a city in the course of the Playoffs. Since you got home after the

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