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May 15, 2010

Hal Gill


Q. What did you think of the Flyers winning Game 7 last night? Did you see the game?
HAL GILL: Yeah, I watched a little bit of it. I tried not to focus. For some reason I got nervous about it. I think it was because being from Boston it was more interest to me.
But, yeah, it's kind of a crazy series and crazy game. Exciting to watch, that's for sure.

Q. Would it almost be a little better for you personally to be coming here than to be going back to Boston playing in the Playoffs, given your association with the city?
HAL GILL: Yeah, yeah, it's a little different. You know, going to Boston, I have a lot of family there, and I would have bumped into them and had to buy more tickets.
But either way, you know, as far as teams go, it's not very much different.

Q. Does having a little bit of time off here away from game situations help you in this leg coming back?
HAL GILL: Oh, yeah, sure. I've been getting treatment, taking care of it. It feels a lot better. And it's definitely something that helps.

Q. What do you guys expect from the Flyers? They came off a real high last night. Obviously, they will be either emotionally hyped up or they'll suffer the let down. What do you think?
HAL GILL: Yeah, momentum is a big thing in this game, and they have it right now. They just came back and did something pretty exceptional. You know, we have to try and jump on them right away and hopefully catch them enjoying that moment. I don't think that's going to happen that easy, but you know it would be nice if we can come out and get a good start and get our feet under us and get going in the series, I think it's going to be a good series.

Q. Flyers fans are especially loud, what are you expecting in the Wachovia Center tomorrow?
HAL GILL: Loud. They'll say anything to get the edge. They're good, it's a good place to play. It's a blue-collared crowd, and they're into it. They're much the same way in Montreal, as far as crowds go, we've got a good one.

Q. Anything you've heard over the years that has stuck in your mind from a Wachovia fan?
HAL GILL: Well, I played with Crosby there, and they had some choice things to say about him. Somethings that I wouldn't repeat (laughing).

Q. 7 versus 8. Is it hard to believe where we are here in this final?
HAL GILL: Well, we talked a lot about that. You always say anything can happen when you get in the Playoffs, but I think in this case, anything has happened. We've seen a lot of Game 7's and exciting hockey. I think it's a testament to the League and the way that the cap has worked. We've had some even teams. To get in the Playoffs you have to be a good team. There are some good teams that aren't in the Playoffs. You know, we just squeaked in. But we came in playing some pretty good hockey and we carried it over.

Q. Do you feel like what you guys have accomplished, so far, in beating Washington and beating Pittsburgh, do you feel like you've got something special going on? Some certain Karma that's developed?
HAL GILL: Yeah, that's the whole idea is to get that confidence and to ride it. The problem is when you sit back and enjoy it too much. You know, we had a night where we could sit back and say wow, we did something pretty good there. And then it's back to work. You can sit back and look at it, then you're in trouble.

Q. Yet they've overcome a lot as well. You're almost mirror images of each other, what you've been able to do?
HAL GILL: Yeah, that's why it should be a good series. We both pushed ourselves in different circumstances. But, you know, we've had to dig in to find a little more. That's what it's all about, proving yourself again and doing it again as long as it takes.

Q. How much do you have left in the tank after two tough series like that?
HAL GILL: You know what, after every game you say “I can't do this again”, and then you wake up the next morning and you get excited about the next game. And that's the whole fun of the Playoffs. You give everything you've got, you take a deep breath, and you go back at it again, and that's what makes it so fun to watch and so fun to play.

Q. Guys just don't want to have to shave?
HAL GILL: Yeah, exactly. I like growing this, my daughter wants me to shave it, and I like growing it, it's nice.

Q. What about Cammalleri? Why is he shaving?
HAL GILL: Oh, he's special. He's like, you know, skill players and everything like thatÂ… they like to look good. I just try to be as ugly as I can (laughing).

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