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May 15, 2010

Jacques Martin


Q. The obvious question, is what was your impressions of the Philly game last night?
JACQUES MARTIN: Well, it was a real good hockey game. It shows the strength of their hockey club. Not only that they came back from 3-0 deficit in the series, they came back from a 3-0 deficit in Game 7. When you look at this club, this is, I think, the third best club as far as success in the last three years in the National Hockey League Playoffs. I think their Playoff performance is following Detroit and Pittsburgh. They've got more success. So they're a team that competes hard. They're a team that battles and plays hard.

Q. How does not knowing an on opponent immediately change the way you prepare your team? You only found out like the rest of us last night who you're going to be playing. How does that change your own preparation?
JACQUES MARTIN: Well, it doesn't, because we basically prepare for both teams. The fact that we were done gave us a chance to use both days, Thursday and Friday to do our preparation for both clubs. So that way we wouldn't be short.

Q. It was a day off Thursday, but clearly it wasn't a day off for you, how would you have spent that day?
JACQUES MARTIN: We spent the day actually we did preparing for Boston on Thursday, and yesterday preparing for Philly. So we felt that we wanted to have our information all prepared and just a matter of adding some of the last minute changes according to last night's game.

Q. Wachovia's a fun building, what do you expect tomorrow night?
JACQUES MARTIN: I expect a loud building. I expect a team like the Flyers are going to be ready to compete. I look back at our game when we played the first game in Pittsburgh, where at 5 on 5, we actually played pretty well. It was just that special teams were the difficulties that night. They scored power-play goals.

Q. Leino seems to be important in the Playoffs. Your team beat the defending Stanley Cup Champions, and the Washington team finished Number one overall. Philly came back from 3-0. Do you see either team with an advantage?
JACQUES MARTIN: I think momentum changes from game to game in the Playoffs. I mean, when you look a long time, that's what happens. You know, when the game starts tomorrow night, this is a new series. This is a new challenge. You know, we have to be prepared to adjust and be prepared to battle for 60 minutes.

Q. Any surprise at all that you have the 7th and 8 seeds playing in the Eastern Conference Final?
JACQUES MARTIN: Not really, when you look at the parody in the league now. Interestingly, before the season started, people would have probably put the Bruins as close to being number 1 or number 2 in our conference, because of their success the previous year.
You know, you look at teams - like both the Flyers and ourselves - that had several key injuries that they had to deal with during the season, that's a factor in the final standings. So sometimes it's at the right time and get healthy at the right time.

Q. Are you at the point now where youÂ’re like a university student? There is no more cramming you can do. If you're not ready for the exam now, you're not going to do well on the test?
JACQUES MARTIN: Well, to put it in those terms, you adjust as the series moves along. But you know you're prepared. And you know you enjoy the competition. You enjoy the moment.

Q. I asked Michael this: Some teams like to find a bit of insulation when they go home and in the middle of the Playoffs to keep it focused. Were you out in the city at all after beating Pittsburgh when you got back home? Were you out in town and were people coming to talk to you?
JACQUES MARTIN: No (laughing). I don't have to worry about that.

Q. So you just stayed in? You stayed away from things?
JACQUES MARTIN: Well, like I said, we got in late Wednesday night. I was in early Thursday morning. Left late, and back in Friday morning.

Q. Sounds like a lot of fans found you guys, I would think with the charter too, right?
JACQUES MARTIN: Well, there were fans there, yeah.

Q. It's one thing to go to the airport to find a team coming into a conventional terminal. But the charter base says something about the fans in Montreal?
JACQUES MARTIN: Yeah, it's not a surprise with how passionate they are. How involved they are, I think they take winning really personally. So they want to cherish the moment as much as the players and the team.

Q. Do you feel your team is as comfortable playing on the road and at home? You won two Game 7's on the road?
JACQUES MARTIN: Yeah, I think definitely you like to play at home better. To have your own fans, your crowd's a big factor. But you look at these Playoffs, a lot of teams have won games on the road. It's difficult.
All the buildings, the dimensions are all the same now, and I think to win the series you have to be able to win on the road as well.

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