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May 15, 2010

Chris Pronger

Mike Richards


Q. Has the historical business been sort of put to rest now and we can move on to the next series?
CHRIS PRONGER: I think that's more a question for you.

Q. What do you think?
CHRIS PRONGER: About your writing? (Laughing).

Q. No, really. You can focus now. I mean, you've got a lot of questions about this last series, but Montreal I'm sure comes to the forefront now?
CHRIS PRONGER: I think we answered all those questions last night. We turned the page pretty quickly. We've got a game tomorrow night against a team that's playing very, very well. So it's going to be ?? we're going to really need to focus and prepare what's happened last night is the way you sat down, and we've got to concentrate and focus on being prepared for Game 1 tomorrow night because it's going to be a battle.

Q. When you went to the Finals in Edmonton was there a point in the playoffs that you sensed there was something special about this team that's going to go far? And have you seen that here? Has it happened yet?
CHRIS PRONGER: I think all the teams that get to this point feel that they have that exact same feeling. You know, there are four teams left in the playoffs now from 30. You know, from 16 that started the playoffs. So I don't think you can glorify one over the other. I think all the teams that are in here right now as these last four teams in the Conference Finals for the East and the West all feel the same way and all feel that they're playing well.

Q. Will it be at all difficult to recapture the desperation that you had to have in these last four games starting right away with Game 1 tomorrow? Either one of you?
MIKE RICHARDS: I wasn't listening. (Laughing).

Q. You guys are going to play desperate for the last four games no room for error. Now you're starting a new series fresh. Is it difficult to recapture that desperation right away with Game 1 tomorrow?
MIKE RICHARDS: I think it can go two ways. I think if you have a let down and kind of take a breath after last night's game, it's probably not going to go the way that you want. But I think if we carry the momentum that we've built over the last four games and winning the series last night, I think we're going to like the way we play.
You know, we have to kind of approach tomorrow night like we did every other day after a game and just move on and focus on the next opponent, which we did today. Come in tomorrow morning and be excited and be ready to play a hockey game.

Q. Has having only one day off helped that? Just to keep that every other day rhythm going?
MIKE RICHARDS: Maybe, through the playoffs you get into a routine. You kind of do the same thing as an approach of a playoff game. I think tomorrow should be the same thing.

Q. 7 and 8 seed are facing each other for the first time ever. What does that say to you right now?
CHRIS PRONGER: Some more history. There you go, you got your article. I think it shows a lot of things. One, the parody in the league, and two, anything can happen.
We've seen 8 seeds beat 1's, and 7's beat 2s, and all the rest of it. But for now an 8 to beat a 1, and a 7 to beat a 2 and on and on and continue down the line to get into the Conference Finals, you know, I think it's a testament to both of the teams and the league.

Q. Who is the underdog now?
CHRIS PRONGER: I don't know, maybe we both are.

Q. Is it possible?
CHRIS PRONGER: I don't know you tell me.

Q. You saw a lot of Cammalleri when you were out west. What do you think of him as a player now from when he first got into the league in L.A.?
CHRIS PRONGER: His game's evolved a little bit. But he still plays very similar to how he did in L.A., you know, he's a guy that's got an unbelievable shot, very quick release. Can get it off from anywhere, and he's very accurate. You know, guys like that you've got to take with their time and space, and get in shooting lanes and be give them that breath of hope that he can get it off, because he just needs a split second to get that shot off.
He's obviously a great skater, too. So he can create a lot of great things off the rush in the offensive zone just with his speed and his hands and his skills. So he's obviously a guy that's been a big goal scorer for them in the playoffs and somebody we've got to key in on.

Q. After watching Montreal come back against Washington and Pittsburgh, they're kind of a resilient group. Do you see any parallels here between not necessarily in the personnel, but the fact that they're kind of a gritty bunch like your team is?
MIKE RICHARDS: Maybe. I'm sure they're looking at it kind of the same way as we were the last series when we got down. You know, they're a very skilled group who is relentless, and obviously with a lot of pride and wearing the jersey proud. I mean, they're a relentless group. They work hard, and obviously they've got a lot of confidence right now.

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