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May 15, 2010

Duncan Keith

Brent Seabrook


SCHULYER BAEHMAN: Questions for Brent and Duncan.

Q. You have a huge task ahead of you. They're big, strong, couple of lines, best in the league, some guys are saying. How crucial does it make doing the little things, making sure you clear the puck as often as possible?
BRENT SEABROOK: I think we just got to play our game. Have five guys out there willing to do the job, coming back, coming back with good sticks and speed.
I think taking care of the top line. They're big, they're strong. They can play physical, they can score goals, they can pass the puck. We just got to, you know, try and get in lanes as best we can, try and play them as physical as we can, have good sticks.

Q. Does it help that you just went up against a team that has a line similar to the one you're going up against in their top line?
DUNCAN KEITH: I think so, the Sedins, that line is a great line. It presents different challenges.
Obviously now with Thornton, Marleau and Heatley, it's got some different challenges that we're going to be facing, one of them being their size.
But they're all good at protecting the puck. They all have different things about them that make them great players.
You know, I think the biggest thing we can do is focus on how we play and what we need to do, what we need to do out there to be good defensively to try to limit their chances.

Q. Could both of you talk about getting to know those four Sharks players in Vancouver, achieving something special with those four guys, and now they're the enemy for the next two weeks. Didn't show a lot of mercy for the Olympic goalie last round.
BRENT SEABROOK: Obviously it was pretty cool meeting those guys and playing there. But, you know, it's different now obviously. We have a job to do. We're going to do it as best we can. They're going to feel the same way. You know, I think we picked up a few tips of what they like. Other than that, we've just got to play our game.
DUNCAN KEITH: Yeah, just like Brent said, you know, being in the Olympics was a special experience, getting to know different guys around the league was pretty neat, too. Obviously they got four guys on their team that we got to know. It was a fun time.
But now being in the playoffs, you're with your Blackhawks here. Everything is business here, trying to accomplish what we've been trying to do here as a team all year long. You know, the past is the past, and obviously you remember that. But, you know, we've moved forward. We're enjoying here. We're going to have fun playing against them now.

Q. You've played that line enough this year and in the past. Do you have a good game plan in your mind how to play Thornton now that you've played him so many times?
BRENT SEABROOK: I don't think you can make a game plan for lines like that, like the Sedins. You could never make a game plan for them. They did so many different things. With that top line of Heatley and Marleau and Thornton, Heatley can really shoot it, and Joe, he makes great plays with and without the puck, seems to be able to find those guys. You can't go out there thinking they're going to do one thing, because they change. They're a creative group. Duncan was saying they use their bodies very well, sticks, try and get position on you.
It's a bunch of different challenges when you get out there. You just got to play them as hard as you can.
SCHULYER BAEHMAN: Thanks a lot, guys.
DUNCAN KEITH: Thank you.

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