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May 22, 2010

Chris Wood


SCOTT CROCKETT: Chris, thanks very much for coming in and joining us, as always, and congratulations on an excellent third day in the BMW PGA Championship. Give us your thoughts, that was a truly good day out there for you, wasn't it.
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, I never really felt like I played -- well, I hit the ball my best. I just scored really well today. I was playing with the ultimate sort of grinder out there, Harrington. You know, no matter how he plays, he never gives up and he's always there and sort of you look up to a player like that. And today was a day where that sort of skill for me was the most important thing to do. It paid off.
I holed some nice putts to settle me into the round and then sort of got into a rhythm, started to hit some nice shots, and then I still hit a few loose ones in there and just never really felt completely controlled.
SCOTT CROCKETT: In some ways, that's a good thing surely, the fact that maybe you're not 100 per cent on top of your game but you're on top of the leaderboard.
CHRIS WOOD: Yes, lovely. It's nice to hole a few putts really. It's been holding me back for a couple of months now, so the work I've been doing is starting to come through. But you know, I've been on a run of tournaments. This is my fourth in a row now, and that was what I was looking a little bit, competitive golf. It shows when you're not quite on your game and been playing a lot, you can still score. If I had been playing so much, today could have been a 73, 74. I feel like I'm not far off being really sharp.

Q. Does seeing a 62 help or hinder as you set off?
CHRIS WOOD: Couldn't quite believe it when I saw it on the putting green on the big scoreboard. It's some round. You sort of kept looking at the card on the leaderboard, and it was birdie, birdie, birdie. I don't know how many he had, if he had nine birdies, but that's pretty awesome.

Q. You've been up against big names at The Open the last two years; is it going to be a different experience where on this occasion, you're the one that has to hold everyone else off rather than chasing them?
CHRIS WOOD: I'm pleased to be in this position. Going into the Open last year, the last round, I think I was five shots off the lead going into the last day, and only really, I just made a great start and then, you know, I think I was 4-under through ten or something, and then I got into contention. Slightly different then. But it will be a new experience for me if I am leading going into tomorrow.
But there's no better position to be, really.

Q. Your drive on 15 that ended up in the trees, was it an Augusta moment there for a minute?
CHRIS WOOD: No, I was just trying to cut it off the bunker down the left there working it to the right-hand side of the fairway, but it's a brutal hole now. It was hard before. But they have narrowed the fairway and that is a really, really tough green going in with a 4- or 5-iron.
5 is not really that bad of a score on that hole. About you that was the tee shot, a good example where I didn't really feel like I was in control.

Q. The last couple of weeks you've been in contention but it looks like it's either win or bust, you don't really want second or third or Top-10; it's win, win, win?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, in my second year now, I've had some good results, but everyone's looking to win. I felt like my game's been there. It's just not quite happened. So, yeah, when it happens, it will be great. Just got to keep working through.

Q. You haven't decided that your next haircut is when you win or anything like that, have you?
CHRIS WOOD: No, the girls love it. (Laughter) That's what's going to make me keep it I think. (Laughing).

Q. Two 6'5" players tomorrow, perhaps one of the only times on the Tour when you won't be looking down on a fellow competitor?
CHRIS WOOD: I think I've got him by half an inch, so I'll still be looking down.
SCOTT CROCKETT: Don't get your hair cut; you'll lose the half an inch (laughter).
CHRIS WOOD: (Smiling).
SCOTT CROCKETT: Are we all done? I think we are? Thanks very much.

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